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“I will remove gun-free area on schools, and — you have to — and on military bases."

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President Donald Trump criticize the policy of gun-free school zones after ~ the massive shooting in ~ Marjory Stoneman Douglas High college in February 2018.

"If institutions are mandated to it is in gun totally free zones, violence and also danger are given an open invitation come enter. Practically all school shootings room in gun cost-free zones. Cowards will only go wherein there is no deterrent!" trump tweeted one month ~ the Parkland, Fla., shoot that killed 17 people.

Trump had promised throughout his 2016 project to get rid of gun-free area at schools, and also on armed forces bases. Top top the school component of his promise, law stalled. The instance on army bases is more murky, since it varies depending on the base.

Gun-Free institution Zone federal legislation remains in effect

The Crime manage Act of 1990 sponsored by then-Sen. Joe Biden applied criminal penalties because that possession the a firearm in a school zone, with certain exceptions.

During Trump's tenure, receipt to repeal the federal regulation that produced gun-free zones stalled there is no a vote.

However, many states make part exceptions to their own bans on weapons in K-12 schools, according to the national Conference of State Legislatures. For example, complying with the Parkland shooting, the Florida Legislature pass a regulation to permit school districts the alternative to arm teachers.

Each armed forces branch can set their own rules on firearms

President Barack Obama's administration took a action toward remove gun-free zones on armed forces bases prior to Trump take it office.

A 2016 Defense department directive said commanders may approve permission come personnel requesting to bring a privately owned firearm ~ above department home for a "personal security purpose not pertained to performance the an main duty or status."

Post leaders generally determine their very own regulations for the bases lock oversee, however many locations don't allow an individual firearms, report Troops living in barracks must generally register their an individual firearms and also store them in a basic storage facility.

The policy varies throughout military branches, we found.

Marines: top top the last day the 2019, the Marines issued a brand-new rule authorizing certain Marines to carry concealed privately owned firearms on Marines home for an individual protection. The policy complied with shootings? aboard Naval base Hawaii and also Naval Air terminal Pensacola in December.

Coast Guard: The coast Guard has actually not announced a brand-new policy about who can carry firearms during the trump card administration. Members space prohibited from moving a loaded and privately owned weapon on coastline Guard framework in a non-official capacity.

Navy: The Navy's current guidance does not enable carrying of guns for personal protection, return a 2019 policy says eligible personnel may obtain authorization.

Army: The army is currently updating its policy. The 2019 version states that the moving of privately owned weapons on army installations is prohibited unless authorized by the an elderly commander who has the duty to regulate privately own weapons.

Air Force: The wait Force allows a commander to selectively eight personnel in your workplace v a government-issued firearm.

The Trump administration proposed a regulation to allow firearms possession on army Corps of designers recreational land, stated David Kopel, an experienced on firearms policy and research director in ~ the independence Institute.

Trump walk not get rid of gun-free area at schools. The rule on military bases around carrying personal firearms vary, yet we didn't see far-reaching movement toward finishing gun-free zones. We price this Promise Broken.

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During the 2016 presidential campaign, Donald trump pledged to get rid of gun-free area at schools and also military bases.

One thing we must clarify right off the bat: The Pentagon in reality eased rules for carrying firearms on armed forces bases prior to President Barack Obama left office.

A Defense room directive released on Nov. 18, 2016, said that leaders "may grant permission come (Defense Department) personnel requesting to lug a privately own firearm (concealed or open up carry) ~ above DoD building for a personal protection purpose not pertained to performance that an official duty or status."

That doesn't go rather as far as trumped suggested, but it still represented a far-reaching easing that the rules. However, due to the fact that it occurred before Trump took office, we'll mostly rate this promise based on any type of changes throughout Trump's presidency that influence gun cost-free zones in schools.

As we detailed in ours previous update, there have actually been some legislative initiatives in this area.

Rep. Cutting board Massie, R-Ky., introduced a bill, the safe Students Act, in the residence to repeal the Gun-Free institution Zones action of 1990, ~ above Jan. 3, 2017.

Nine days later, the house referred the invoice to the Subcommittee on Crime, Terrorism, countryside Security, and also Investigations. However, there have actually been no further breakthroughs on the bill since then. Much more strikingly, the bill has garnered only a total of 5 cosponsors in the being successful year, every one of them Republicans. In fact, no lawmaker has signed on together a cosponsor because early February 2017.

A more successful legislative push came native the the Concealed bring Reciprocity act of 2017.

The headline provision the the bill would certainly to allow qualified individuals to lug a hidden handgun into, or possess a covert handgun in, another state as lengthy as the state enables individuals to lug concealed firearms.

However, the influence of the law on the aspects of Trump's promise is somewhat less sweeping.

Broadly, the bill claims it would not supersede the laws of any state that restricts "the possession of firearms on any state or local government property, installation, building, base, or park."

Moreover, ~ above the certain question of gun-carry civil liberties in schools, the bill borders carrying civil liberties to an "off-duty law enforcement officer" or a "qualified retired regulation enforcement officer" that is "authorized under such section to bring a hidden firearm."

On Dec. 6, 2017, the invoice passed the house by a 231-198 margin. Only 14 republic voted against the bill, while simply six democrats voted because that it.

After passage, the bill went to the Senate, wherein it was assigned come the Judiciary Committee. It has actually not yet progressed any further.

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The fact that the home passed a bill that would loosen -- though not execute away through -- gun restrictions in schools leads united state to keep this promise at In the Works.