The Mumford & young camp has actually been quiet due to the fact that the band went on hiatus last September, however last night, the quartet" banjo player, Winston Marshall, offered an interview stating that the best-selling folk…

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The Mumford & sons camp has actually been quiet because the band went ~ above hiatus last September, but last night, the quartet’s banjo player, Winston Marshall, provided an interview stating that the best-selling people group was no more. “It’s over,” Marshall said Vulture on Wednesday night (Mar. 26). “We had a an excellent time, though, friend know. It was good.”


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Relax, Mumford fanatics. Marshall was joking.

Multiple reps for the band confirm to the Marshall’s words, which the spouted at a “Mistaken because that Strangers” after-party in new York City, were meant in jest. When asked if the team has “killed” the usage of the banjo in well-known music, Marshall likewise added, “I think ‘killed’ is an understatement. We murdered it. We let it, yeah— fuck the banjo. Ns fucking hate the banjo.”

Mumford & Sons multiply In ‘Babel’ Video

In September 2012, Mumford & Sons’ sophomore album, “Babel,” debuted with a lining 600,000 duplicates sold in its an initial week, follow to Nielsen SoundScan; five months later, the full-length was bestowed the album the the year award at the Grammys. Following a relentless touring schedule and also multiple festival dates last year, the people group announced the there would be no “activities for the foreseeable future” critical September.

“We just know we’re walking to take a substantial amount of time off and just go back to hanging out and also having no commitments or pressure or anything choose that,” stated keyboardist Ben Lovett. “I don’t think we’ve had, actually, lot time in the process to it is in with various other people and also living a life outside of the band. Ns think that’s what’s in ar at the moment: to do really little, especially when it comes to Mumford & Sons.”