Neck Gaiters room Effective challenge Coverings, states CDC and also NIOSH Report

Neck gaiters have actually been proven to administer protection indigenous coronavirus-carrying respiratory droplets.

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by Nikki Johnson-BoldenDec 21, 2020

A joint study by the CDC and National institute for work Safety and Health (NIOSH) reported that neck gaiters are just as effective as fabric masks.

Though neck gaiters to be initially provided a caution brand by the CDC, the agency now believes the gaiters safeguard wearers from respiratory droplets the contain coronavirus as soon as they have much more than one layer of material. Research study done by the university of Georgia confirmed that double-layered neck gaiters provide an 81 percent reduction in respiratory droplets.

“Many gaiters are solitary layers that fabric, but they can easily be folded up to produce two or 3 layers, making them as good, if no better, than typical two-layer masks,” stated Suraj Sharma, a professor in ~ the college of Georgia.

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The CDC proposal this method of put on neck gaiters together well.

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