Ever because Ozzy Osbourne and also Sharon Osbourne fell in love, their relationship has been filled with ups, downs and, the course, a many romance. End the years, Sharon and her rock ‘n’ roll crooner have actually kept pan on their toes once it pertains to their turoulend love story.

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The longtime pair first crossed paths in 1970. Sharon, who was simply 18 years old, was sent out by her late father, Don Arden, to look over Ozzy ~ his former band, black color Sabbath, was signed to her dad’s record label, Jet Records. While it took some time for Sharon and also Ozzy to become a couple, they rejoined in 1979 and also dated for a number of years before tying the node in Hawaii in July 1982.


At the time, Ozzy and Sharon seemed happier 보다 ever. However, lock struggled with a handful of hardships throughout your marriage, including substance abuse issues, alleged affairs and more. Unfortunately, concerns persisted for numerous years as Ozzy struggled v drinking and also erratic behavior.

Although the Talk alum stuck by her husband’s side because that so many complicated years, sufficient was enough for Sharon by might 2016. After years of being plagued through rumors the divorce, the pair announced they were calling it quits following 33 year of marriage.


The brunette beauty opened up up around their challenging decision to end things throughout an episode of The Talk, i m sorry she organized from 2010 to 2021. At the time, Sharon said her previous costars she “ save living choose this,” however praised Ozzy for giving her “an unbelievable life” and “three beautiful children.”

It wasn’t lengthy until Sharon and Ozzy were earlier together despite their mention of a divorce. Simply months after the two declared they officially split, the previous Osbournes stars revealed lock were giving their relationship one more shot after a slim snafu.


“Everything is good. Everything’s ~ above track,” Sharon said throughout an appearance on Good Morning Britain in October 2016. “You understand what, my hubby … he could be a dirty dog, however he’s my dirty dog. I’ve known him since I was 18 and I’m 64 — deserve to you believe it?”

Even despite Sharon and also Ozzy have been v a lot when it involves their relationship, they’ve to be able to occupational it out and are now stronger than ever before after almost four decades.

To view a complete timeline that Sharon and also Ozzy’s relationship, scroll v the collection below!



Sharon was just 18 years old once she met Ozzy in 1970. At the time, her well known father regulated Black Sabbath. Ozzy formed the now-iconic band in 1968 through songwriter Tony Iommi, drummer Bill Ward and bassist Geezer Butler.



Years after ~ Ozzy’s band was choose up by Don’s record label, he to be fired in 1979. Following his release, Sharon top to Los Angeles and also began controlling his brand-new career. The 2 eventually started dating and the remainder is history!


Nearly three years after the couple began dating, Sharon and Ozzy gained married in a romantic, lavish consciousness in Maui, Hawaii ~ above July 4th. Ozzy’s marital relationship to Sharon came the same year his divorce native his very first wife, Thelma Riley, to be finalized.

Throughout his an initial marriage, the “Crazy Train” singer ended up being the dad of Elliot Kingsley, Jessica Osbourne and Louis Osbourne.


Sharon and Ozzy invited their very first child together, daughter Aimee Osbourne, on September 2, 1983. 


The couple didn’t wait lengthy at every before adding to your brood. Sharon and also Ozzy invited their 2nd child, daughter Kelly Osbourne, a little over a year after that October 27, 1984. The pair’s third child, Jack Osbourne, come the complying with year ~ above November 8, 1985.


Although their marriage was plagued by rumors, their relationship reached one of it’s lowest points as soon as Ozzy spent three month in rehab. In 1989, Sharon and Ozzy really gained into that after the renowned rocker intimidated to strangle his mam after returning home drunk native a music festival.

“I’ve determined you have to go,” Sharon claimed Ozzy told her during an interview v The Guardian in 2005. “I called the police, and they locked the up. Ns didn’t push charges however he entered rehab for 3 months. He was totally insane from all the drink and drugs he to be doing, and, well, these points happen.”


Ozzy, Sharon and also their distinct family flourished to TV superstardom as soon as their family’s MTV reality show, The Osbournes, premiered in 2002. Although the series became one of the network’s most successful shows, the couple’s eldest daughter Aimee chose to continue to be out of the spotlight.

Sharon once opened up about her daughter’s choice to leave home since she couldn’t was standing filming her parent’s fact show. “I recognize that mine eldest girl, Aimee, left home at 16 and she couldn’t live in ours house due to the fact that we to be filming and it drove her insane. She felt, too, the she didn’t want to thrive up on camera. She hated the idea, it to be appalling to her,” Sharon when recalled during an illustration of The Talk. “And therefore she left at 16 and I remorse every day the she did.”


Their TV show kicked turn off a year of struggles for the Osbourne family. In July, Sharon revealed she to be diagnosed v colon cancer and was forced to have virtually a foot that her body organ surgically removed.

The music manager opened up up come People about the destructive diagnosis. “You think naught will ever happen to you. You’re invincible. Then after you obtain over the shock and panic, friend realize how lucky you space to it is in alive,” she claimed at the time.

Around the exact same time, their daughter Kelly was struggling through a drug abuse issue following she mom’s cancer diagnosis. In she 2009 memoir, Fierce, Kelly opened up up around taking approximately 50 prescription pills a day come cope v her mom’s illness. Your son, Jack, additionally struggled with similar issues the led him to go to rehab in 2003.


Just weeks complying with the bear of his an initial child and also Ozzy and Sharon’s very first grandbaby, Jack to be diagnosed with multiple sclerosis in 2012. At the time, the supportive parental blamed themselves for Jack’s disease.

“I retained thinking, what did I do wrong? What did ns eat or drink when I to be pregnant?’ i feel like it to be somehow mine fault,” Sharon told BBC News. Ozzy added, “If it was me, you’d think, ‘Ozzy had a reputation and also it recorded up v him,’ however Jack is such a an excellent guy.”


After finding out of she son’s ms diagnosis, Sharon do her health a priority. Virtually a te after she fought her first cancer battle, Sharon underwent a preventative twin mastectomy in 2012.

“For me, it no a big decision, it was a no-brainer,” she told Hello! magazine after medical professionals told her she to be at high danger for breast cancer.


After year of laying short in the spotlight, talk of Ozzy’s drug abuse issues returned after he required to Facebook and also announced he slipped in his sober life routine. “I remained in a really dark place and also was one a—hole come the civilization I love most, my family,” he defined in a short article in April 2013. “Just to collection the document straight, Sharon and also I space not divorcing. I’m simply trying to be a better person.”


Sharon and Ozzy shocked fans when they announced lock were dividing after 33 year of marriage. Approximately the same time, Sharon also came out together bisexual on she show.

“I always think everyone is gay, so am I,” she said at the time. “I am not a small bit gay. Ns am exceptionally interested in the truth of what ns missed the end on. However it is as well late now.”


Despite check from Sharon herself, the couple’s split didn’t last long considering castle were earlier together by October 2016. While showing up on his wife’s talk show in November, Ozzy opened up up around their relationship and also revealed their bond is “1,000 percent better” than exactly how it provided to be.

“It’s a journey, really, a marriage,” the explained. “You walk up, you walk down, you do mistakes … i’ve learned a lot of this year.”


Sharon and also Ozzy commemorated their longtime love through renewing their nuptials in may 2017. The Sun reported that the pair gathered their household in ras Vegas because that the very anticipated vow renewal ceremony.

Their sweet display screen of love came one year after ~ Sharon revealed her husband had a full of 6 affairs throughout their marriage.


As Ozzy satellite down with Robin Roberts for an interview ~ above Good Morning America in January 2020, the well known rocker revealed he to be diagnosed through a “mild” kind of Parkinson’s disease.

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“It’s PRKN2,” Sharon chimed in throughout the televised interview, noting there are “so countless different types of Parkinson’s” and that this is “not a death sentence by any type of stretch the the imagination, however it walk affect certain nerves in her body.”

Ozzy’s heartbreaking diagnosis comes after a year filled with health issues — which consisted of pneumonia, surgical treatment for an epidemic in his hand and another hospitalization complying with complications native the flu. “ to be the worst, longest, most painful, miserable year of mine life,” the candidly common with GMA.


The pair paid tribute to your 39th wedding anniversary in July 2021, sharing touching messages for one an additional on Instagram. Ozzy uploaded two throwback pics from their 1982 Hawaii wedding ceremony, just gushing, “Happy anniversary, mine love!”

Sharon shared similar snaps native the big day, however she wrote a much lengthier article in the caption. Showing on the critical 39 years, the Revenge writer thanked her hubby because that helping produce “the most incredible life together.”

“The crazy, wonderful and also insane times. Yes, pain and also sorrow too … yet we acquired through it,” Sharon penned. “We worked so hard for year professionally and also personally. We succeed together. You space my soul, my life. What a great life we have lived so far, the ideal thing is there’s much more to come. Every job is one adventure, every day ns love you more and respect friend more. My soulmate, my love and also my girlfriend here’s to our next adventure! Love friend always, Sharon.”