Star the the exploration Channel TV show Gold Rush, Parker Schnabel has actually been top top the show due to the fact that its very first season. He started out as a teenager help his grand John operation the family's yellow mine called the large Nugget. After a while, Parker stepped right into the main duty at the mine, and the an ext responsibility he take it on, the an ext fans seem come love him.

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But what happened to Parker ~ above Gold Rush? Fans have actually been wonder if he's still on the show after more than a decade. It's to be a while since the last season aired, so human being want to recognize what's going on v their favourite miner.

According come Parker's Instagram, he's doing just fine. He's concentrated on working and also mining even when Gold Rush isn't ~ above the air. Although he doesn't article much, it's clear the he's just living his best life best now. The discovery show's last season finished March 2020. Together of right now, there room 11 seasons, and a 12th hasn't been evidenced by the network. But someone rather is speak up.


In an April 2021 interview, Gold Rush star rick Ness told Looper the the 12th season to be going come happen. "It's a thing, yeah," he said. "I've gained the same few guys and also I acquired a pair of really an excellent new additions to it."

He clarified the he's not always looking to acquire a bigger group of miners together, but they go haul in $2 million last year, therefore he might need more people to aid keep up the momentum.

But, while friend wait for the show to come back, you have the right to watch among the many spinoffs — Gold Rush: Dave Turin’s shed Mine, gold Rush: White Water, and the course, Parker's display Gold Rush: Parker’s Trail. According to The Hollywood Reporter, another spinoff dubbed Gold Rush: Winter’s luck has newly been offered the green light by Discovery and will be about the gold-mining offseason.

goldrushparker and neither that nor exploration has stated anything around his leaving. Not only is he finding a most gold, but fans really perform seem come love and also support him, so it doesn't look together if he will be leaving anytime soon.

Parker was last checked out on Gold Rush in 2020 together he encountered the worries of to run his business during the pandemic. But even though so much devastation was going on across the country, things ended up looking good for him.

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In a clip post by the present on facebook in may 2021, we view Parker and his crew talking around how they've had a really an excellent mining season. ~ they weigh it all and do all the calculations, we view that they lug in a record-breaking 7504.9 ounces that gold. It was worth practically $14 million, i m sorry is four million more than your previous goal.

You have the right to watch Gold Rush ~ above the discovery Channel and Discovery Plus.

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