Journalist Paula Faris announced her exit from The View and Good Morning America weekends in July 2018, and also fans were fully shocked. 

The television organize suffered a miscarriage and also a concussion a few months prior prior to making the decision. However, some thought that she alleged feud v co-host Whoopi Goldberg to be to blame. We investigate: What happened to Paula Faris? 

Paula went with "months the hell" before showing up at the large decision. Together she said Good Housekeeping, her life turned totally upside under in the month leading as much as her departure. 

"I go from a duration of 7 months wherein I had actually a miscarriage, I had actually a concussion — someone threw something in ~ my head as soon as I was doing a live shot and that knocked me out of job-related for 3 weeks," she explained. 


" the job I acquired cleared to walk to work, I gained in a head-on car crash. A couple of months later on I got influenza, and also influenza turned right into pneumonia," she added. 

Paula construed the watch unending present of unfortunate occasions as a sign telling she to forge adjust in she life, and she chose to quit her roles at The View and Good Morning America Weekends in ~ the same time. 


In part, the decision was sustained by the should take a break. An ext importantly, however, she want to spend an ext time focusing on her own projects, like the Journeys of faith with Paula Faris podcast. As a Christian tv host, Paula competent firsthand the challenge of pointing out topics pertained to faith and also religion in a news environment.

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As she told Good Housekeeping, she was hoping to produce a space where human being could open talk about their religious beliefs. As she explained, most method this topic through a sense of caution, together they room worried the voicing your opinions can offend others. 

Since its launch, Journeys of confidence with Paula Faris featured influential guests like Sabrina the Teenage Witch alum Melissa Joan Hart or musician Michael W. Smith. 

Hey friends, my debut book is the end in two weeks (April 21st). And, I’ve struggled with just how to phone call you about it, not wanting to show up tone deaf as so numerous have lost so lot to this crisis: feeling of purpose, loved ones, jobs, belongings, wealth. We’ve all shed something. Some an ext than others. “CALLED OUT: Why i Traded two Dream tasks for a Life of True Calling” is all around finding our significance in the *wrong* things and also how to find true, unshakable calling. For me, my significance was my job. And, it took a personal crisis to get my attention. Ns bought society’s lie the my value was mine vocation, mine worth was work, mine calling to be career. I leaned in hard. I burned out. Then, after ns walked away from my 2 dream work (anchoring GMA and co-hosting The View), ns felt lost. Who was i without it? i didn’t understand who ns was exterior of what i did. This publication is not just my experience, it’s full of interviews with and observations of rather struggling with the very same sense the misplaced significance, identity and purpose. I hope this book encourages you come root right into your true purpose and discover her true calling, which will assist you navigate this season that crisis. Say thanks to you so much for giving it a shot! (You have the right to pre-order, now. See attach in bio.) #CalledOutBook.

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Paula's brand-new book, 'Called Out,' came out ~ above April 21, 2020.

In enhancement to the podcast, Paula additionally took ~ above a brand-new role together a senior national correspondent in ~ ABC News in the fall of 2018. Her first book, Called Out, was published on April 21, 2020. The autobiography explores the procedure of identity-formation v a arsenal of interviews. 

"The most daunting aspect <...> was feeling so lost. I had lost my purpose, mine identity, and <...> I had actually no idea that I was <...> exterior of <...> mine career," Paula explained in a current episode the The View.

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It's not simply my story, i conduct a many interviews v others who've have misplaced their significance, and how we've been able to root right into a purpose and an identity that don't change and shake as soon as the times perform or when there's a personal crisis," Paula added.

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