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The driver"s side home window is riddled v bullet holes as new Orleans Police and also the Jefferson Parish Sheriff"s Office inspection the fatal shooting of a driver through JPSO complying with a follow from Oakwood center to the 2200 block that Simon Bolivar in central City top top Monday, February 8, 2016. The deceased male was later determined as Eric Harris, 22. (Photo by Michael DeMocker, vxcialistoufjg.com | The Times-Picayune)

Eight men in have been fatally shooting by law enforcement police officers in Orleans and Jefferson parishes in the critical 15 months, including the Feb. 8 shoot of Eric Harris in brand-new Orleans by JPSO deputies.

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None that the police officers has confront criminal charges, though part investigations continue to be open. Most have actually resumed patrol duties.

Of those incidents, Harris" shooting has prompted the most protests, as relatives and advocacy groups continue to advanced questions about the incident. Arlinda Westbrook, the cook of NOPD"s windy Integrity Bureau, stated Tuesday (March 9) that Harris" deadly shooting would certainly have resulted in the arrest of NOPD policemans "on the spot" had they been in the very same scenario. The department on Wednesday attempted to clarify Westbrook"s statement, explaining the she misspoke when she claimed an officer would certainly be immediately arrested. Arrests and also prosecutorial decision involving police shootings are made by the Orleans District lawyer or U.S. Attorney, NOPD spokesman Tyler Gamble stated in an emailed statement.

A task force, consisting of FBI agents, is currently reviewing the deputies plot in Harris" shooting. Though the bureau declined to comment on specific incidents, one FBI agent who oversees tactical training and other specialists recently answered basic questions brand-new Orleanians have increased after that and other police shootings. Watch their answers below.

The questions about area police shootings have intensified after Harris was shot by two JPSO deputies in ~ the conclusion that a car chase native Terrytown"s Oakwood mall to new Orleans" central City. The Sheriff"s Office has said the deputies fired at Harris after the crashed his automobile into an energy pole, then shifted the vehicle into turning back -- placing the police officers at hazard as castle pulled within 20 yards behind the vehicle.

Harris" girlfriend, who remained in the vehicle, has disputed the account that Harris placed the vehicle in reverse. A surveillance video clip from a nearby business showed Harris" automobile seemingly moving backwards for a moment after the crash and then forward again. That video doesn"t present the location of the deputies.

Westbrook, speaking to Harris" family at a public forum Tuesday, said had actually NOPD policemans been the ones to shoot Harris castle would have at minimum to be reassigned. She stated the JPSO deputies" actions to be "so contrary our policy," referring to NOPD"s more restrictive plan in auto chases. The Jefferson deputies were not bound by brand-new Orleans measures after cross the parish line, Westbrook added.

NOPD"s usage of pressure policy prohibits firing right into moving vehicles as soon as the auto is the only deadly risk to officers. Jefferson Parish Sheriff"s Office use-of-force guidelines limit firing in ~ a moving vehicle to scenarios as soon as "the occupants of the automobile are making use of deadly force," and also firing is vital for self-defense. JPSO"s plan does not exclude the vehicle as the method of fatal force.

NOPD patrol officers have worn body cameras on their uniforms due to the fact that May 2014. The department recently imposed a plan that addresses public relax of body camera footage of "critical incidents," i m sorry includes police shootings. JPSO walk not call for deputies to wear human body cameras.

Here"s what the experts said about police shootings in general.

When can officers shoot come kill?

A 1985 ruling by the U.S. Can be fried Court set guidelines for when deadly police pressure is justified, claimed Peter Scharf, a criminologist with the LSU school of Public health and wellness who authored "Badge and also the bullet: Police use of deadly Force." Officers have the right to legally shooting to kill or use various other deadly force only once the topic of pressure presents imminent danger of fatality or significant injury come the officer or others, according to those guidelines.

Prior come the 1985 ruling, Scharf said, policemans had an ext broad discretion to usage deadly force. For example, castle could shoot a robber to run away v a TV set. Now, that said, officers "cannot shoot just so (offenders) won"t escape."

Another can be fried Court ruling, Graham vs. Connor in 1989, expanded on the translate of those guidelines. The ruling uncovered that to determine if a shooting is justified, court must think about the circumstances of the scenario to identify if the officer acted reasonably, given the situation, including a decision-making process that frequently takes place in a break-up second.

Local legislation enforcement agencies, like the brand-new Orleans Police Department and Jefferson Parish Sheriff"s Office, have actually their very own use-of-force policies based upon those constitutional guidelines.

FBI one-of-a-kind Agent john Huber said regulation enforcement policemans are keenly conscious of the public reaction come police shootings. Huber leads tactical training because that FBI agents. Speaking to reporters critical month, he handle questions legislation enforcement frequently face about the circumstances bordering police shootings, despite he stated he was not speaking about any details incident, including Harris" shooting. Rather, Huber i agreeed to define why regulation enforcement officers, faced with a legit scenario in i m sorry deadly force applies, take certain, particular actions.

Why don"t police simply shoot the gun the end of a suspect"s hand?

Huber claimed the notion of shooting a gun out of a suspects hand is a scenario designed "by Hollywood." In practice, police police officers don"t have actually the training to make that shot. Confronted with a life-or-death situation, striving for such an target is not a reasonable danger to take, the said.

Louisiana Peace police officers Standards and also Training the supervisory board certification, better known as write-up certification, i beg your pardon every regulation enforcement officer need to obtain, requires guns training as soon as a year, Huber said. FBI agents, on the various other hand, obtain shooting training five times a year.

Moreover, SWAT agents train ~ above a monthly basis. Also so, stated Huber, who likewise leads the FBI division"s SWAT team, "No one shoots sufficient to shooting the weapon out of someone"s hand in a life-threatening, fluid situation."

Michael Avery, an experienced in the field of police use-of-force and also author the "Police Misconduct: Law and Litigation," who lives in brand-new Orleans, agreed v Huber. Avery stated it is "not really practical" to effort to shoot the gun out of someone"s hand. Moreover, regulation enforcement officers are trained to aim at the center of a person"s body.

Huber included police shoot scenarios regularly occur in poorly lit areas with "little come no warning." The repercussion of missing the shot, the said, deserve to be the potential death of the officer or others. In addition, he claimed most neighborhood police policemans or sheriff"s deputies lug pistols, which space more complicated to aim than other species of guns.

Why don"t police just shoot a human in the leg? They don"t need to aim to kill.

Huber said as soon as police shootings an outcome in death, it is no the officer"s immediate goal. "We don"t shoot come kill; us shoot come stop," the said.

Wounding someone in the foot or one more less lethal body component will not protect against the person from possibly inflicting major injury or death on an officer or one more member that the public, he said. Therefore police are trained come aim for the torso or the center of a person"s body.

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Why execute police shoot so countless times?

Huber said in cases when lethal use of pressure is justified, inflicting a single, non-fatal wound is no enough to remove the threat that person represents come the officer or others.