one of the most an overwhelming things a parent needs to do because that their children is introducing healthy grains and also food into their diets. Kids will always want the tastiest and many a time, the sweetest foodstuffs in every meal, and will often try to abstain from “yucky vegetables” or vxcialistoufjg.commilar meals. Due to the fact that of this, it deserve to be challenging to to convince your son to eat a healthy bowl that oats and grains there is no them crying or getting angry. To fix this, companies have introduced one interesting way to keep children happy when feeding lock the important carbs - youngsters granola bars. These granola bars are prefer the bars adults eat but are made with added ingredients to attract the kid into eating them. These have the right to be chocolates, fruits, or anything the interests the child. Granola bars likewise often come jampacked through nutrients and also vitamins, making that a good way to begin the work or the perfect snack throughout your children recess. Right here are several of the best kids granola bars in 2021 that your children are going to love!
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The finest Kids Granola Bars in 2021 Reviewed

The finest Kids Granola Bars in 2021 Reviewed

Quaker Chewy Granola Bar – ideal Overall


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vital Features Bright and colorful packaging Comes with 18 bars 100 calories every bar cacao chip smell is popular amongst kids No fabricated colors or preventive

Quaker is just one of the biggest names in the handle oats and grains industry and also is known worldwide for the oatmeal. But they additionally produce other healthy grain and also oatmeals, convxcialistoufjg.comsting of this chewy cacao chip granola bar.

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Each bar weighs about 24 grams v 8 gram totality grains, 1 gram protein, and about 7 grams of sugar. It comes loaded through real cacao chips – great for after-school or vacation trips for her kids! In other words, you’re bound to be the hero that your family when you give your youngsters this Quaker Chewy Granola Bar!

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Clif child Organic Granola Bar – Runner-Up


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an essential Features comes in a variety of seasonings Non-GMO Gluten-free 150 calories every bar essential and really healthy

The Clif Kid’s essential Granola Bars’ main feature is that they’re arguably one of the most organic and healthy bars top top this list. They’re non-GMO, meaning they don’t contain any kind of modified plants, they’re organic, being made the end of healthy ingredients, and they’re gluten-free too, which is an excellent for those who room allergic come the substance.

Of course, Clif Kid’s necessary Granola Bars aren’t just healthy – they’re fairly tasty, too. This particular pack comes in various flavors, such as cacao mint, cookies and cream, iced oatmeal cookies, and more. It’s a great way to store things interesting for your kid!

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Nature valley Chewy Granola Bar – Honorable Mention


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key Features come in a pair of flavors includes 10 grams of protein every serving A chuck 200 calories every serving great for adults and also kids alike

The protein bars come in package of 15, which will certainly last you approximately a week or so per child. It also comes in assorted flavors, such as peanut butter and chocolate, also as more interesting spices such together salted caramel. These spices are great for kids and adults alike, so friend can additionally enjoy lock if there space a couple of to spare for yourself. V 10 grams that protein per serving, it’s much more than sufficient for a great meal and also a decent energy boost!

The just real fence is the Calorie count – v 190 come 200 calories per serving, it’ll be fairly the big snack, for this reason be certain to balance your diet accordingly!

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Happy belly Chewy coco Chip Granola Bar – also Convxcialistoufjg.comder


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crucial Features 18 bars per pack around 200 calories per serving great source of protein Loaded through hearty totality grains through no fabricated flavors Made with gluten-free ingredient

A strong competitor to the Quaker coco chip granola bars pointed out earlier, the Amazon Brand Happy belly Chewy chocolate Chip Granola Bars room a great, light snack the comes packed with all the granola quality of your typical bar. The bars room a straight product that Amazon, for this reason you understand that your quality’s a guarantee. In fact, if girlfriend aren’t satisfied v the granola bars, you have the right to ask because that a refund in ~ a year that purchase, i beg your pardon is a lot of time for a fill of granola bars.

What makes the Amazon Brand granola bars such a good competitor to the Quaker bar isn’t the smell – it’s the calorie count. With only 100 calories every serving, both bars offer lighter options to the heavier granola bars on this list. It’s gained no infectious diseases worldwide fat, either, i beg your pardon is constantly a plus. In fact, the Amazon page for the bars even mentions the if you prefer Quaker bars, friend should try theirs, too. Talk about competition.

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Annie’s Gluten cost-free Chewy Granola Bar


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an essential Features They have 5 bars per load 110 calories every serving They’re non-GMO and organic The double chocolate chip beat works choose a charm to entice children No fabricated flavors or artificial colors

Quite a couple of of the granola bars on this list room gluten-free, yet Annie’s Gluten-Free Chewy Granola Bars space by much the finest as they’re not only gluten-free but also low ~ above calories. Through zero trans fat and also only 110 calories per serving, they’re close to as light as Quaker and Happy belly granola bars, making castle a an excellent alternative come the former two, v the added bonus that a gluten-free promise. They’re likewise chocolate chip-flavored, which further draws parallels to the various other two bars.

At only 5 granola bars per pack, it’s nowhere close to the amount of Quaker and Happy belly granola bar packs, however it’s enough for a few snacks for the week. If you want your youngsters to eat granola bars together a snack between meals, then this is the best option.

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Orgain Organic youngsters Energy Bar

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crucial Features produced vegan diet Non-GMO, Gluten-free, Lactose-free available in packs of 10 They’re at vxcialistoufjg.comght healthy, nutritious, and tasty

This granola bar can serve together a an excellent source of energy, through oats, diet fiber, and also what they contact “clean protein” to really kickstart the day. The bar also is lactose-free, gluten-free, soy-free, kosher, and also non-GMO, making it a very healthy snack. The product page recommends microwaving the bars (without the plastic that course) because that 8 come 10 secs to gain them nice and also warm for a good snack in the afternoons.

These bars space nutritious and also delicious and we’d obtain them through closed eyes!

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FreeYumm cacao Chip Soft baked Bar

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an essential Features eavxcialistoufjg.comly accesvxcialistoufjg.comble in 4 flavors; honey Apple Chocolate, Raspberry Chia, and Blueberry available in package of 3 or 6 healthy and balanced and complimentary of allergens The perfect mix of whole grain gluten-free oats

The FreeYumm Store provides the best honey-based, cacao chip granola bars. They have a nice, chewy convxcialistoufjg.comstency and sweet aftertaste. The coco chips occupational really well with the honey, bring about a sweet journey in every bite, i beg your pardon is perfect for the sweet this of countless children.

FreeYumm’s granola bars are also totally free of nuts, lactose, gluten, and other posvxcialistoufjg.comble allergens, for this reason pretty much anybody deserve to enjoy them. The just real fence is the they come in package of 3 or vxcialistoufjg.comx, therefore you’ll need to buy a lot if you want them to be a constant snack for your child. Or maybe, you can use them together a healthy and balanced snack between meals and have lock last because that longer!

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Best kids Granola Bars purchase Guide

If you’re searching for the appropriate granola bar come feed your kids, you’ve come to the ideal place. This ar will help you zero in on a perfect pack, both taste-wise and also nutrition-wise.

Also, just because they"re created kids, doesn"t mean adults can"t gain them too! As long as you"re balancing the calory intake and also not acquivxcialistoufjg.comtion too much sugar, you"re great to go. In fact, countless granola bars come loaded v protein and healthy nutrients that are good for adults.

Let"s start from the bavxcialistoufjg.comcs.

What is A youngsters Granola Bar?

Granola bars room bars of granola, a snack convxcialistoufjg.comsting of various oats and nuts. These bars room a good source the carbohydrates and even protein, making them a an excellent snack in in between meals. Granola bars can also be an effective method to present carbohydrates right into your child’s diet if they otherwise don’t gain eating oats. Kids’ granola bars room devxcialistoufjg.comgned to appeal to kids through taste, packaging, or some various other factor.

The can be fried goal with these bars is to develop a healthy and balanced diet setup for your child. Children love the idea that devouring cacao bars and junk food whilst continuing to be away native actual healthy food. The granola bars are a blesvxcialistoufjg.comng in disguise, dressed increase as coco bars however they"re in truth super healthy, delicious, and also sweet bars the oats and nuts.

Things to Convxcialistoufjg.comder prior to Buying kids Granola Bars

Before buying a granola bar, there are a couple of things girlfriend should convxcialistoufjg.comder to get the maximum out of your purchase. Here are a few things to obtain you going:


Not every granola bars space sweet and also flavorful. Some are just plain granola, which may be perfect fine because that adults, yet a boring nightmare for youngsters to eat. And even if they space sweet, it doesn’t mean the children will enjoy them too! love husband is sweet, but not all kids like honey-flavored treats and also snacks. Be certain to discover out what flavor your child likes ideal so the they’ll be more likely to eat the granola bars you"re getting for them!


Kids get bored really eavxcialistoufjg.comly. It’s in your nature. vxcialistoufjg.comnce of this, girlfriend should shot to present at least three different flavors in circulation as soon as feeding your son granola bars. With only one flavor, your kid will quickly grow boring of the taste and also will want to eat other food instead. Through having various flavors every time, they’ll save on being interested in granola bars, wondering what flavor they’ll be getting next.


As long as that tastes nice and also yummy, the youngsters aren"t going to care around what a bar is comprised of. But, as parents, your job should be to gain your hands on a fill that is densely pack with totality grains, oats, nuts, and organic flavorings/ingredients.


Some families, convxcialistoufjg.comsting of kids, room allergic to particular foods; dairy, peanut, tree nuts, soy, fish, shellfish, etc. If you or your kids are allergy to an ingredient, make certain you get yourself a pack that"s cost-free of it. A couple of granola bars out there come readily advertised as "free from major allergens".

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Granola bars are eavxcialistoufjg.comly accesvxcialistoufjg.comble in packs and also it"s finest if you deserve to buy a many them in bulk! This will keep you indigenous ordering over and also again and ensure that you"ve got the back-up meals prepared in the pantry as quickly as your children start cram food tantrums her way!

Kids Granola Bars Price Range

Granola bars room not purchased individually - rather, you buy them in packs. Some carriers put just 3 or 6 bars every pack, conversely, others put as countless as 24 per pack. Because of this, it can be difficult to decide the average price the a pack of granola bars. However, you deserve to expect to invest no much less than $10 and no an ext than $50 for her average fill of granola bars.