For years, royal followers have wondered if Prince Philip and also the Queen are cousins. Now, after ~ the battle each other of Edinburgh’s death, the interest has actually spiked again. So…were Prince Philip and the Queen cousins? Well, the prize is complicated.

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Buckingham Palace confirmed on April 9, 2021, that Prince Philip had passed away at the age of 99. “It is with deep sorrow the Her Majesty The Queen announces the death of she beloved husband, His imperial Highness The Prince Philip, battle each other of Edinburgh,” Buckingham royal residence said in a statement in ~ the time. “His imperial Highness passed far peacefully this morning at Windsor Castle. More announcements will be make in early course. The Royal family members join with people about the civilization in mourning his loss.”

Queen Elizabeth II and also Prince Philip, that wed top top November 20, 1947, were married for practically 74 years. The couple share 4 children: Prince Charles, 72, Princess Anne, 70, Prince Andrew, 61, and also Prince Edward, 57. In a article on the imperial Family’s Instagram account top top April 10, the Queen paid tribute to she late husband v a quote native their golden wedding anniversary in 1997. “He has, fairly simply, to be my strength and stay all these years, and I, and his totality family, and also this and many various other countries, fan him a debt better than that would ever before claim, or us shall ever know,” the quote read.

Despite the tumultuous depiction the their connection on The Crown, the Queen has described him as her “strength and stay.” but are lock related? ahead is what we know around if Prince Philip and the Queen are cousins.

Was Prince Philip the Queen’s cousin?

Prince Philip and the Queen are in truth related and also both direct relatives that Queen Victoria. Prince Philip was born ~ above the Greek Island of Corfu in 1921 together Philippos Schleswig-Holstein Sonderburg-Glucksburg, follow to Reuters. That is the 5th child and the only son that Prince Andrew that Greece and also Princess Alice that Battenberg, that was of british descent, according to the British royal family’s website.

According to city & Country, Princess Alice, Prince Philip’s mother, is the direct relative the Queen Victoria. Princess Alice to be born in 1885 in the existence of she great-grandmother, Queen Victoria, in ~ Windsor Castle, wherein Philip additionally died. That provides Philip Queen Victoria’s great-great-grandson.

While Philip is pertained to Queen Victoria on his maternal side, Queen Elizabeth II is pertained to Queen Victoria on she paternal side. Queen Elizabeth II and also her sisters Princess Margaret’s dad is King George VI, who was the great-grandson that Queen Victoria. This renders Queen Elizabeth II the great-great-granddaughter of Queen Victoria and also Philip’s 3rd cousin.

Though Prince Philip and also the Queen were third cousins, castle didn’t satisfy through common family. Instead, the Queen (who to be then well-known as Princess Elizabeth) and also Philip met at the wedding that Princess Marina of Greece and also Denmark and Prince George, duke of Kent, in 1934. The Queen was 8 in ~ the time, while

The future Queen and also duke an initial met once in 1934 at the wedding that Princess Marina of Greece and Denmark to Prince George, duke of Kent. At the time, then-Princess Elizabeth to be 8, and Philip was 13. The 2 reconnected again once the Queen to be 13 and also Philip was 18 as soon as she visited him in ~ the royal Naval College v her family. At the time, Philip was a cadet-in-training, and also after their meeting, they started writing letters to every other. In July 1947, the Queen and also Philip announced their engagement. The 2 were married ~ above November 20, 1947, once the Queen to be 21 and Philip was 26.

In April 2021, last Week Tonight host John Oliver confronted backlash because that a joke he do after Philip’s death about how the duke of Edinburgh and also the Queen to be cousins. “Well, they to be related,” Oliver said. “Yeah, that true. Prince Philip and Queen Elizabeth space cousins who later acquired married—also known as a Giuliani meet cute.”

Prince Philip Revealed by Ingrid Seward


Image: Courtesy that Atria Books.

For an ext about Prince Philip’s life, examine out Ingrid Seward’s biography about the battle each other of Edinburgh, Prince Philip Revealed, Seward, a Majesty magazine editor who has been spanning the british royal family for years for, unravels the “enigma” the we recognize as Prince Philip. Native his at an early stage childhood in Paris to his mother’s fight with schizophrenia come his military organization in civilization War II, Seward covers subject that numerous royal followers may not know around or haven’t seen on The Crown. The book likewise discusses how Prince Philip to be “initially distrusted” by the royal court before he found his location in Buckingham Palace.

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