We all know that many of the world drives in the right lane of web traffic as protest to the left.

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We Americans and also most of Europe poke funny at the UK because that driving on the “wrong” next of the road, however do friend know how much of the world drives ~ above the left?

UK, obviously…Japan…maybe Australia, Singapore.

74 countries. 74 freaking nations drive top top the left next of the road.


But why would certainly you desire to?

Good question, and also there space a couple of answers.

This is the just answer you need.

First, some cars room only obtainable as RHD, favor the Nissan Skyline above for example, and also to obtain one in the states we need to import it grey-market-style. It is done an ext often 보다 you think.

Second, and you’ll see this virtually exclusively in the “tuner” industry – people desire their car to it is in unique and also stand the end from the rest. So there’s that.

Finally, some people need the to be RHD for service reasons. I guess it is pretty legit.

So how have the right to I acquire a RHD car?

You have actually basically two choices:




Taking a LHD auto built because that the US and converting the is a pretty famous option. Just like anything, there space Pros and also Cons.

You have the right to go the cheap route and also buy a counter kit because that a few hundred bucks and do that yourself.

But seriously, space you walk to desire anyone to see the within of your car if that looks favor this?

“Honey, i’m not certain this is baby vehicle seat trusted anymore”

You might do increase a proper conversion – buying all the vital parts second-hand, taking the vehicle apart, and also converting that the time-consuming method. This will at least make the look decent.

But throughout the process, your vehicle will most likely look favor this because that weeks, possibly months top top end:


A suitable DIY switch is most likely your best option though, if you have actually the an abilities and parts/tools available. Yet keep in mental it’s really simple to screw this up if girlfriend don’t recognize what she doing and possibly death yourself or another driver.

“Man, ns really shouldn’t have actually hired that guy off Craigslist.”

Professional Conversion

There are rather a couple of companies the can complete the conversion because that you, if you have actually the money. It’ll be far safer and also carry a guarantee, but it’s expensive.


A rapid look ~ above US human being Direct’s facebook page says a LHD-to-RHD conversion of a 2013 Chevy Camaro base model expenses $25,000, when a regular C5 or C6 Corvette (excluding the ZR1) will run you a cool $38,500. It is not consisting of the expenses of transport, and also they’ll just convert details cars.

Needless to say, not numerous tuners who spent $5,000 ~ above their auto will go the route.

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Importing it


This is a pretty good option, barring a couple of important points.

First, you need to remember the the US EPA and NHTSA have very strict emission and safety standards. Generally much much more than other countries, which is why you watch so many more models obtainable in Europe 보다 in the US. Car companies merely don’t want to spend the millions that takes to obtain a auto EPA-certified uneven they recognize it’ll be a large seller.

So, uneven a auto is a grey industry import (like the Skyline mentioned above,) you’ll have to import it yourself.

And to carry out this legally, it’ll must be either considered a present vehicle and also not moved on public roads, or currently pass all NHTSA standards. Meaning it’ll need to be a car that’s already sold here in the says with LHD. And even that’s no a guarantee.

You see, foreign auto companies make their cars the best they have the right to be, climate they modify them a little to comply through US standards, and that’s what we obtain – typically. Normally it’s 10-20 horsepower weaker, but a cleaner and safer vehicle to drive. Yet something as simple as the placement of one intercooler top top a turbo’d automobile can make it illegal to drive on united state roads.

Without acquiring into details, since each car is different, you’ll need to make sure your import is road-legal.

Fine, now how do i import the damn thing?

Easier 보다 you think, actually.

The an initial step, the course, is to find a RHD vehicle you want. If she serious around this, you’ve already done that. Your finest bet is buying a vehicle in the UK or Japan – if the a europe car, shoot for the UK, if it’s Japanese, walk Japan. Typically it’ll it is in cheaper if the hasn’t already been shipped halfway across the world. After ~ all, look just how much it prices UK customers to to buy American cars:

As if you’d want to journey a Hummer in London

Don’t gain too cocky; europe cars are much cheaper because that them 보다 for us.

Just look at local classifieds because that the nation in question and you’re great to go. There are additionally websites collection up because that Americans wanting to do simply that (so you’re no looking at eBay electric motors in Japanese.)

Once you discover your car, make sure you won’t run into any problems with custom-mades (that’s a whole post for itself and also differs because that each car.) climate find a shipping firm you fancy and also have them collect your car and also send it her way.

Some vehicle dealers currently work through exporters, or you can arrange it yourself by searching about – over there are hundreds of companies that will certainly ship a auto for girlfriend so you’ll need to get some quotes and also search around. Suppose it to price anywhere native $1,500 come $5,000 or more depending ~ above the worth of the car and the company.

That’s it?


There room a lot of of little details and laws that differ per state and also per vehicle that could be a hang-up because that you, therefore make sure to do your very own research.

This write-up is no a considerable guide – that a general overview that’s expected to be a generic overview for every vehicles to get you started. Make certain to look up specifics and ask approximately on court for aid from world who have currently done this.

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I’ve propelled right-hand-drive car in both the UK (left next of the road) and also Europe (right side,) and let me call you, it takes a the majority of concentration in ~ first, particularly learning to transition with your left hand. It’s nearly like learning how to journey again. However perhaps for you, the services outweigh the discovering curve.