Robert Herjavec feels prefer the luckiest man on planet to be in love with his wife, Kym Johnson. The Shark Tank star has actually been married to the Dancing with the Stars alum since 2016, and together, they developed a beautiful family.

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But prior to Robert settled down with Kym, he spent more than two years with his an initial spouse, Diane Plese. The Canadian businessman and Diane walked under the aisle with each other in 1990. Throughout their marriage, they came to be the parents of their three kids, Skye, Brendan and also Caprice.


Robert and Diane maintained their marriage as they increased their kiddos with each other for a variety of years, however their romantic didn’t was standing the tests of time together they separation in 2014. According to reports, Diane filed in 2015 and their divorce to be finalized the following year.

At the time of their split, Robert to be struggling through feelings the “suffering and also hopelessness,” he told People in in march 2015. The famed investor was so distraught through the end of his marriage with Diane, that actually thought of “just to end it.”


“I to be hollow and broken,” he candidly common with the outlet. “It’s to be a terribly complicated year. Us were great parents and a an excellent team, yet over time we drifted apart.”

Everything readjusted when Robert was actors in season 20 the Dancing with the Stars, though. After gift teamed up with Kym, the handsome hunk and also the expert dancer developed a strong connection both on and off the dance floor. The two finished up dating and by July 2016, lock walked under the aisle together.


Since they came to be a couple, both Robert and Kym couldn’t be happier. Back it’s only been about five years since they exchanged vows, the You Don’t need to Be a Shark author and the genuine Dirty Dancing star feel prefer they’ve “been married forever.”

“We’re having a good time!” Robert exclusively gushed come Closer Weekly in 2017, while his blushing bride chimed in, “It’s to be amazing!” Kym sweetly added, “In one way it feels like we’ve to be married . In another way, it’s gone by for this reason quick. That feels prefer we’ve well-known each other forever. He’s just amazing. We’re finest friends, and also it’s simply easy.”

It sounds prefer Robert and Kym are soulmates!

Keep scrolling come learn an ext about the TV star’s wife.


Kym is from Australia

Kym to be born on august 4, 1976, in Sydney, Australia. She climbed to reputation on the Australian variation of Dancing with the Stars in 2003, prior to going ~ above U.S. Version of the franchise native 2006 to 2015. She additionally served as a host in 2017.


She’s an ext than just a Dancer

Aside indigenous her run on Dancing v the Stars, Kym is a TV host, actress and also author. Per IMDb, she’s acted in The Wedding Planners, Love Alaska and Sharknado 4: The 4th Awakens, and also she’s additionally served together the hold for one season that The actual Dirty Dancing in 2019.

In 2016, Kym released her an initial book The 5-6-7-8 Diet: The 14-Day arrangement for Healthy, Lasting weight Loss. Kym “shows you how to lose weight, acquire fit, and live one irresistible life,” follow to the book’s summary.

Kym is a mommy of 2

Robert has actually three enlarge children, however he likewise shares two kiddos through Kym. The couple welcomed your adorable twins, Hudson and also Haven, in April 2018. As a proud mom, Kym can’t assist but share the cutest pics of their tots on society media. In January 2021, she uploaded the sweetest video of her youngsters, writing, “Morning workout through my .”

Kym has actually a big Bank Account

Thanks to her work-related as a dancer and also actress, Kym has earned a network worth of nearly $1 million. Celebrity network Worth reported her husband, on the other hand, is worth almost $200 million.

Kym Wants an ext Children

Even despite Robert loves gift a dad, he is unsure if he desires to add much more kids come his family. “No, no, no. Us can’t also get a dog. Space you kidding?” he jokingly told Us Weekly in might 2020. Kym, however, dished she wants to have more babies with the TV personality. “I would love come have much more kids,” she shared.

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