The rate of infection amongst those surveillance tested is steady or declining. COVID-19-related hospitalizations and ICU capacity remains stable or is decreasing. Confront coverings in public continue to be required. Gatherings that 10 human being or under for any kind of reason deserve to resume. Pick industries can begin returning to workplaces v social distancing and sanitization techniques in place. Retail establishments reopen with restricted capacity, and also select category of an individual care facilities can additionally begin to reopen through social distancing accuse and personal protective equipment. Robust testing is easily accessible along with call tracing to border spread and also closely monitor the tendency of new cases.

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what’s OPEN?

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Gatherings: All gatherings that 10 world or under are permitted with this limit subject to adjust based on recent data & guidance

Travel: Travel need to follow IDPH and also CDC authorized guidance

Health care: All health treatment providers are open with DPH approved safety guidance

Education and also child care: Remote finding out in P-12 institutions and greater education; minimal child care and also summer programs open up with IDPH approved safety guidance

Outdoor recreation: State parks open; activities permitted in teams of 10 or fewer through social distancing


Manufacturing: Non-essential production that can safely operate with society distancing can reopen through IDPH approved safety and security guidance“Non-essential” businesses: Employees of “non-essential” enterprise are enabled to return to work with IDPH approved safety and security guidance depending upon risk level, tele-work strongly encouraged wherever possible; labor are encouraged to provide accommodations for COVID-19-vulnerable employeesBars and restaurants: Open because that delivery, pickup, and also drive through onlyPersonal care services and health clubs: Barbershops and also salons open with IDPH approved safety and security guidance; Health and also fitness clubs can administer outdoor classes and one-on-one personal training with IDPH approved safety and security guidanceRetail: Open v capacity limits and IDPH approved safety and security guidance, including confront coverings

Cases and Capacity: The determination of moving from step 3 to phase 4 will certainly be driven by the COVID-19 positivity rate in each region and steps of maintaining local hospital surging capacity. This data will certainly be tracked from the time a region enters step 3, onwards.

At or under a 20 percent positive rate and increasing no more than 10 percentage points end a 14-day period, ANDNo all at once increase (i.e. Stability or decrease) in hospital admissions for COVID-19-like disease for 28 days, ANDAvailable surge volume of at the very least 14 percent that ICU beds, medical and also surgical beds, and also ventilators

Testing: Testing easily accessible in region regardless of symptom or danger factors

Tracing: Begin call tracing and monitoring in ~ 24 hrs of diagnosis for much more than 90% of instances in region