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Sometimes within the world of diamonds, you find an exception that proves the rule. An unlikely hero in an unanticipated spot wherein beautiful diamonds have the right to be uncovered at good prices. As soon as it involves Sam’s society – this is no the case. If you room considering Sam’s society for her diamond needs, ns implore girlfriend to read this Sam’s society review, so girlfriend are armed with the understanding you need before making a decision.


The history of Sam’s Club

Sam’s club is a members-only wholesaler. Complying with the success the Walmart and Costco, Sam’s club is a familiar name across the us for bulk-buy commodities at all prices. It might not sound prefer the type of place you’d go to buy diamonds, yet the familiarity the the name linked with what seem to it is in ‘bargain’ diamonds have ensnared numerous customers.

Sam’s society Experience

Generally, once I testimonial diamond retailers, they loss into among three categories; those geared specifically towards an in-store experience, those focused entirely on an digital experience and finally brand that accomplish both. Sam’s society doesn’t distinctly stand the end in any type of of this categories since it just isn’t a retailer specialising in diamonds. So, what go this typical for the customer?

I’m not about a bells and also whistles experience. Through this ns mean, champagne flowing, fine animal leather chairs and minimalist home window displays execute not immediately equal a beautiful diamond. However, most customers need advice. They need guidance and also in-depth explanations pertaining come diamond quality and also certification. They should be presented diamonds because that points of comparison and also have cost broken down come them in a clear and also concise way.

This level of customer service requires expert knowledge and Sam’s society can’t administer that.

This is no a slight in ~ the hardworking folks that grace the stores, it is just a fact. I have no doubt you will be greeted in a familiar manner and also staff will execute what they can to assist, however for a acquisition of this nature it is no enough.

The Products

Sam’s society is too lot of a mixed bag as soon as it comes to diamond quality. There is also the problem of choice – most shoppers space going to find it fairly limiting, particularly as they only sell pre-set rings. If girlfriend really know your stuff, friend might be able to sift through the duds and also find a nice diamond in ~ Sam’s Club, yet in same if you really know her stuff, you would certainly be shopping through a diamond specialist quite than at Sam’s Club! They additionally use a many illusion settings. If you’ve review my reviews prior to you will understand that illusion setups (tiny diamonds collection very close with each other to offer the impression of one central stone) tend to be a red flag because that low high quality jewelry. They allow the seller to do a kind profit together the tiny, low top quality diamonds can be bought very cheap.

When purchasing a diamond online, it’s specifically important to have actually diamond light performance images and HD Video, learn more about this and also what come look because that here.

Sam’s club Diamond Prices: A Comparison

One point that appeals come buyers most about shopping with locations like Sam’s Club and Costco is the promise that a bargain. The idea the a diamond can be bought for a all price is definitely tempting. Let’s break this down.

Sam’s society Round excellent SolitaireCarat Weight: 0.70ctColor: IClarity: VS2Cut: Hearts and arrowsCertificate: Unknown18k White yellow 4-prongPrice: $2,999

Whiteflash Expert selection Round BrilliantCarat Weight: 0.708ctColor: IClarity: VS2Cut: appropriate Hearts and also ArrowsCertificate: AGSPrice: $2,767

First let’s look at the Sam’s club diamond. It states it is a hearts and arrows diamond but there is no point out of diamond certificate, nor are there any performance reports or diamond imaging. The website gives the IGI ‘appraisal value’ therefore you can assume it has actually been certified through IGI but this is unclear. Regardless ns would never recommend purchasing an IGI diamond, learn much more on that here.

The appraisal worth is given as $4,290 – this is misleading. Appraisals have zero bearing ~ above the quality of a diamond and in this situation, the is being provided as a sales tactic. Over there is no information about the diamond performance or any type of specifications. This is part of the Sam’s society Superior quality Collection for this reason this is a good as the going come get.

By comparison, the Whiteflash diamond has actually exceptional light performance and, crucially, the proof to ago it up. Every spec is given and also diamond imaging bring away this one action further. That is AGS certified through the highest cut quality the AGS give. The price displayed does not encompass a setting, however call the $300 because that a white yellow prong setup and unexpectedly the Sam’s club diamond no the an excellent deal it seemed to be.

There’s a opportunity the Sam’s club diamond might be a beauty. A chance. As soon as it concerns buying a diamond, us don’t take it chances. We depend on specs, performance imaging and our own two eyes.

The last Word

I do not introduce Sam’s club for your diamond jewelry. If they aren’t the worst out there, there room a most pitfalls and also you are most likely to be disappointed. Given that your appeal hinges ~ above value, ns would imply taking a look in ~ online vendors like Blue Nile, James Allen and also Whiteflash. Not only will friend find much better value, yet you will likewise be able to take it an comprehensive look at her diamond choices and examine the finer details. There’s likewise a greater selection of diamonds and settings that no bricks and mortar store might possibly contend with.

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Whiteflash specialization in high quality reduced round and also princess cut diamonds, vice versa, James Allen is much better for fancy shapes, Blue Nile has a larger an option of diamonds at a lower quality/price point.