You understand Dasher and Dancer and Prancer and also Vixen; Comet and Cupid and Donner and Blitzen? They"re Santa"s reindeers, by the way. And as brand-new research suggests, they"re more than likely female. Dr. Kirtly Parker Jones talks around the fun study out the Texas A&M University and why it matters to women"s health.

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Dr. Kirtly Parker Jones talks around the fun research study out of Texas A&M University and why it problem to women"s health.">

Dec 25, 2018

Dr. Jones: on Comet, ~ above Cupid, ~ above Donner and also Blitzen. Space those boy"s names? room those girl"s names? how are young reindeer various from girl reindeer? and also why does it matter to women"s health? This is Dr. Kirtly Jones indigenous Obstetrics and Gynecology at college of Health, and this is Christmas and also Reindeer, and Boys and Girls on The Scope.

Announcer: extending all facets of women"s health, this is the "Seven domain names of Women"s Health" v Dr. Kirtly Jones ~ above The Scope.

Dr. Jones: us talked a lot of in the last countless years about how study is beginning to assist us know differences between men and women, just how we take treatment of lock differently based upon those organic differences, and how social differences may inform how we strategy men and also women. And today, we"re going to talk around why those differences in reindeer have actually really changed our ideas around Santa"s reindeer.

Now, reindeer, called caribou in north America if they"re wild, have actually the largest and also heaviest antlers of every deer types when compared to human body size. But let"s acquire down to part basics about antlers.

Firstly, the difference in between antlers and horns. Horns are a permanent projection from the head that the animal made that keratin, the stuff that hair is make of, and proteins that surround a bony core. A horn is yes, really a bone. They start cultivation at puberty. In some species, just males have actually horns. However in some pets with horns, the females have horns too. In the American bison, the horns are a little differently shame in males and females, through the males having a more comprehensive base and the female"s horns being more curvy.

Now, antlers fall off each year. In some varieties only males have antlers. There"s an massive output of power to do a really big rack the antlers together in moose and also deer, and perhaps that power isn"t worth the effort for females who need to grow and also nurse their young. In reindeer and caribou, both males and females have antlers. But the males space usually bigger, up to 50 inches and 30 pounds compared to 20 inch in females.

And here"s the important part for this discussion around Santa"s reindeer. Males fall their vast antlers ~ the adjustment season, in the fall, around November. Females drop their antlers after giving birth in the spring. It"s hard to know exactly why except that vast antlers might be a far-reaching survival drawback over the winter and also might it is in most necessary for vain with other males during the adjustment season. The benefits for females would be to use them because that protection versus wolves, their major predator as soon as they space pregnant, and to defend their newborns. And female reindeer us their antlers come brush away snow to discover food in the winter.

So, given the dates of Christmas, every the males would have dropped their antlers. So the photos of Dasher and also Dancer and also the remainder of Santa"s reindeer through antlers suggest they must have actually all to be female.

So what about Rudolf, the red-nosed one? Well, perhaps Rudolf to be a male outside the mean who didn"t autumn his antlers and in addition to his red nose, which caused such unreasonable bullying, or perhaps Rudolf to be a girl guiding the means through long Christmas night. Whatever. Popular culture can frequently portray the differences in between male and female very unfairly. So Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, Vixen, Comet, Cupid, Donner, and Blitzen all sound choose wonderful girl"s names to me. Rudolf, no so much.

We talk more and an ext about the organic differences in between males and also females and how that might influence the way we provide medical care. Don"t trust popular culture when it concerns biology. To trust science and also scientists. Through the way, numerous of Santa"s girl reindeer would have been pregnant together well. For this reason you go girls.

For every one of you listening, ns hope this is a happy holiday season. And remember the men and also women room different. Boys and girls space different. And we need to continue careful research ~ above these differences so we deserve to take better care of every one of our people and our reindeer. Thank you because that joining us on The Scope.

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