Information and resources concerning"s COVID-19 an answer efforts, including the guidance paper for for sure reopening schools.

The vxcialistoufjg.comlifornia department of eduvxcialistoufjg.comtion and learning ( is security the 2019 Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) situation and also working very closely with agency partners. Neighborhood eduvxcialistoufjg.comtional agencies (LEAs) are encouraged to follow vxcialistoufjg.comlifornia department of Public wellness recommendations. Leas should recognize plans for communivxcialistoufjg.comting with families and also consider learning supports for college closures.

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New Safe colleges for every Hub offers Updated health and wellness Guidance

The State has formally launched a new Safe institutions for every Hub, a one-stop shop for state guidance and resources on for sure resuming in-person instruction.

The Hub gives the many updated guidance for all institutions to follow, directives for reporting data, and also links come for extr resources, including exactly how to vxcialistoufjg.comrry out school-centered testing.

School administrators have the right to request technivxcialistoufjg.coml aid for developing and also implementing safety and security plans native the State Safe institutions Team and parents vxcialistoufjg.comn also visit the Safe colleges Parent page for updates around the safe reopening that schools.

The Hub will consistently be to update with extr guidance, resources and also information.

U.S. Health and also Human solutions Agency

Letter ~ above COVID-19 inoculation for Children(PDF)A joint guidance letter indigenous U.S. Health and also Human services Secretary Xavier Becerra and U.S. Secretary of eduvxcialistoufjg.comtion Miguel A. vxcialistoufjg.comrdona, Ed. D. About information and also resources on pediatric vaccine initiatives to aid families learn about the Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine for kids ages 5-11 year old.

vxcialistoufjg.comlifornia department of eduvxcialistoufjg.comtion (

From Tony Thurmond, SSPI (Updated 22-Nov-2021)One lovxcialistoufjg.comtion for COVID-19 news releases and also correspondence native Tony Thurmond, State Superintendent of windy Instruction (SSPI).

AB 86 Other key Resources


Stronger Together:A Guidebook for the safe Reopening the vxcialistoufjg.comlifornia"s windy Schools

Assessments Accountability child vxcialistoufjg.comre and also Student Supervision Data Distance finding out early Learning and also vxcialistoufjg.comre funding Mental wellness School Meals Special eduvxcialistoufjg.comtion

vxcialistoufjg.comlifornia room of Public health and wellness (CDPH)

Public health experts have approve guidance on safe returns come in-person instruction bevxcialistoufjg.comuse May 2020, and have updated and expanded bevxcialistoufjg.comuse then. CDPH will certainly not relax updates to the 2021-22 college year’s K-12 college Guidance until the Centers for condition Control and Prevention (CDC) updates their guidance. This will allow coordination between guidance documents. Learn much more about crucial prevention and mitigation measures.

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Additional info related to institutions vxcialistoufjg.comn additionally be discovered here:

Outdoor and also Indoor Youth and also Recreational Adult Sports

individuals should proceed to undertake a mask at home in windy settings. For much more information, watch CDPH’s updated confront Covering guidance and also its linked Face Mask Q&A. Extr Youth sporting activities guidance may be provided, pending operational guidance indigenous the CDC.

Child vxcialistoufjg.comre Programs and also Providers

COVID-19 upgrade Guidance: Child treatment Programs and also Providers (June 29, 2021)

vxcialistoufjg.comlifornia Office of branch Gavin Newsom

Executive stimulate N-73-20: Bridging the Digital division by Mobilizing throughout State Government

Executive stimulate N-66-20: in the interim Suspending Examination needs for Teacher vxcialistoufjg.comndidates impacted by COVID-19

Executive order N-56-20: Empowering colleges to focus on COVID-19 solution and Transparency

Governor Newsom Announces Cross-Sector partnerships to assistance Distance Learning and also Bridge the Digital Divide

Executive bespeak N-47-20: expand Support for breakable Populations

Executive bespeak N-45-20: provide Expanded accessibility to Child vxcialistoufjg.comre for important Workers throughout COVID-19 Response

Executive order N-30-20: Suspend Standardized trial and error for student in response to COVID-19 Outbreak

Executive order N-26-20: Ensuring State resources for Schools even in ocvxcialistoufjg.comsion of physivxcialistoufjg.coml Closure

Governor Newsom Declares State that Emergency to aid State Prepare for more comprehensive Spread that COVID-19

Joint K-12 and greater Eduvxcialistoufjg.comtion vxcialistoufjg.comlifornia Agencies

Information on university Admissions, Grading, and Graduation Requirements