SEAN Astin has praised his mr Of The rings castmate Elijah timber for speaking out around predatory sexual abuse in Hollywood.

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The Goonies: Jeff Cohen, Sean Astin, Corey Feldman and also Ke Huy Quan in the 1985 fight from Steven Spielberg.

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SEAN Astin has praised his mr Of The ring castmate Elijah timber for speaking out about predatory sex-related abuse in Hollywood.

The 45-year-old industry veteran claims while the wasn’t abused himself, he has supported the declaration of Wood, that wasn’t abused, but has renowned friends who were.


Sean Astin together Sam through Elijah wood (Frodo Baggins) in The lord Of The Rings: The Fellowship the The Ring.

“It is really vital to mental that people need support so I evaluate that Elijah v such pressure shared his opinion,” Astin told Confidential.

“It kick began a conversation so ns am proud of my friend.”

Astin is the kid of legendary American actress Patty Duke, who died in March at the age of 69, and is in Sydney next week because that the Supanova Pop society Expo in ~ Sydney Showground.

He play Samwise Gamgee together Wood’s Frodo Baggins in Peter Jackson’s The lord Of


Sean Astin as Billy Tepper in the 1991 movie Toy Soldiers.

The rings trilogy however was first exposed vxcialistoufjg.come the spotlight at age 14 certification in Steven Spielberg’s The Goonies together Corey Feldman, who was likewise been vocal about the abuse he suffered at a young age.

“I was blessed to have parents who were extremely protective of me so I’d speak my endure was great but I also did see Corey my girlfriend going v a really hard time,” Astin explained.

“I didn’t know around sexual abuse through him but you might see the he to be suffering and also it is a helpless emotion not knowing what one can do to help. It needs to be a lonely painful experience going v that.”


Astin has actually supported his mate timber who spoke out around predatory sex-related abuse in Hollywood.

In a extensively quoted attribute in the UKs Sunday Times, timber said: “Clearly something major was walk on in Hollywood. That was every organised. There room a most vipers in this industry, world who only have their very own interests in mind. There is a darkness in the underbelly — if you deserve to imagine it, it’s more than likely happened.”

Wood — likewise a kid actor — was a rare an important voice in the industry.

“Hollywood is no various to all over else, there are predators everywhere however at the exact same time it is a unique space,” Astin said, interestingly adding that the wouldn’t have a problem with his 3 daughters adhering to in his footsteps.

“I would certainly be fine with my children doing the in regards to that because we would certainly be really protective of them and I would say most likely most young performers room fine yet some world get victimised and it is an extremely healthy vxcialistoufjg.come talk about it and also to make sure that over there is a society of awareness.”


Astin through wife Christine and also daughter Alexandra Astin. He would certainly be happy if she adhered to him right into the movie industry.

Josh Brolin and also Jeff Cohen additionally starred in The Goonies and there’s lengthy been talk of a sequel, something Astin would favor to it is in a part of.

“When one audience wants something together badly as human being want to check out that sequel, you’ve gained to believe it is walking to be made in ours lifetimes,” he claimed of the movie he estimates he has actually seen an ext than 30 times.

“I’d choose the continuation of the story, ns think that’s what human being want. You liked those characters and you desire to watch what they’re like when they acquire older.”

Astin, 45, has showed up in an ext than 60 films and also countless television shows, his biggest credits consisting of Memphis Belle, Encino Man, Toy Soldiers, 50 very first Dates.

“I’ve been blessed vxcialistoufjg.come have remained in a couple of films that have actually gone galactic for this reason I gain to go to this conventions and interact through people,” he claimed of Supanova the runs from June 17 vxcialistoufjg.come 19.

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“They vxcialistoufjg.come up to me and tell me they grew up v me and I’m like, ‘I flourished up with you too’. I’ve acquired a body of work now, I’ve been doing movies for 32 years and you never know which movie it is that somebody could reference vxcialistoufjg.come you so you’ve gained to be all set for everything.”

Sean Astin, in a step from The Goonies with Kerri Green, would certainly love to watch a sequel.