adhering to the announcement of Selena Gomez"s separation with The Weeknd and also multiple sightings together, friend guessed it: Justin Bieber and also Selena Gomez are back together.

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The on-and-off couple, that last dubbed it quits in 2014, have officially rekindled their romance, Us Weekly reports.

"Selena and Justin are earlier together," a source told the site. "Selena and also The Weeknd just fizzled and also ended amicably - it no dramatic and it wasn’t about Justin. But Selena constantly had feelings because that Justin." 

"Her friends desire her to be cautious due to the fact that she has remained in such a an excellent place post-surgery," they noted.

Gomez and also Bieber were very first spotted together at the finish of October when Bieber checked out the singer"s LA home. At the time Gomez was still date her boyfriend of 10 months, The Weeknd.

The exes were then pictured acquiring breakfast together prior to church and again, later that day, at Bieber"s home.

News broke of Gomez and also The Weeknd"s split and also it was easily followed up through photos the her and Bieber riding bikes and walking under the street arm-in-arm. 

Last night, Gomez watched Bieber"s hockey game, prior to exiting the stadion wearing his jersey.

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It"s safe to say, these two have actually a history warranting Gomez"s friends" worry.

The pair ended their on-off relationship in 2014, after roughly three years together. They very first met in 2009, after your mums collection them increase on a date (yes, really), however the partnership wasn’t made main until 2011 when they attended Vanity Fair’s Oscar’s Party together.

The then-teenagers were every other’s an initial loves – main when Bieber was just 17 and also Gomez 19.

“I relocated in with my girlfriend as soon as I to be 18. Began my own life v her. It was a marriage kind that thing,” Bieber later on told vxcialistoufjg.complex. “We were so in love. Nothing rather mattered,” he continued.

Their connection was a standard teenage romance filled v breakups and posted-then-deleted social media blasts. They were each connected to other high-profile celebrities, through a slew of cheating rumours plaguing lock (read: Bieber) because that years.

Eventually, they referred to as things off for good - or so we thought - at the finish of 2014, however things continued to be messy transparent 2015 and also until as freshly as august of last year.



In respectable 2016, Bieber go public with then-girlfriend Sofia Richie and Gomez vxcialistoufjg.comment on an Instagram picture of the pair, revealing for the an initial time that Bieber had cheated on her "multiple times".

She quickly cancelled her people tour and also checked herself right into rehab, citing anxiety and also depression together the reason, wherein she go without she phone because that 90 days.

Bieber reacted by deleting his Instagram account for 6 months.

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The pair then had no public contact until a couple of months earlier when Bieber supposedly heard of Gomez"s kidney transplant and got in touch with her.

Here"s hope the pair work this time about because us won"t be able to forgive Bieber if he breaks Gomez"s heart again.