A conversation with the Doocys, longtime broadcaster Steve and also his boy Peter, the network’s White residence correspondent

Peter Doocy, a Fox News White home correspondent, left, and also his father Steve, right, that “Fox & Friends,” drive bicycles close to the family members home in Florida top top Saturday, may 29, 2021. Joe Cavaretta, because that the vxcialistoufjg.com News

Peter Doocy was planning on walking to law school as soon as Hillary Clinton had a shoot of whiskey top top the campaign trail.

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Captured through photographers, the moment came to be a shot viewed ‘round the world in 2008, and when Doocy witnessed the picture, he had actually the perfect setup because that a concern that would launch his TV career.

Three work later, Doocy, climate a junior at Villanova University, took the microphone in ~ a political forum and asked john McCain if he’d have actually a shot with him. The question, and McCain’s answer, made almost as countless headlines as Clinton’s drink did, specifically when the media realized who the student’s dad was.

He’s a Doocy? the Doocy? kid of a Fox News star, firstborn that a couple known together “Mr. And also Mrs. Happy”? The Catholic child whose dad when joked that his kid would have been a priest until he learned he’d need to work weekends? Steve Doocy’s son?

Of course, that was, he is. You can see that in the hair and also chin, a household resemblance so solid that even now, a great many strangers — 40%, Steve Doocy estimates — think they’re brothers, no a 64-year-old father and also his 33-year-old son.

People talk around the Murdoch household ruling the nation’s most famous cable network, yet there’s another an initial family of Fox, and also it’s the Doocys: the elder ~ above the long-running morning present “Fox & Friends”; the younger, the network’s White residence correspondent, quiet making headlines v the inquiries he asks politicians.

This Father’s Day, however, will certainly be different for Steve: the the first one in which 2 of his three youngsters are married, pass a daughter-in-law and a son-in-law right into the close-knit family.

Peter married Hillary Vaughn, a Fox company correspondent, in southern Carolina in April; his father to be his finest man. For the speech, Steve delivered a city he’d written for the occasion — city is a Doocy household tradition, as is, apparently, the exercise of poking fun at Democrats. (The decided concluded through a zinger that President Joe Biden unwittingly provided.)

Prior come a family vacation in Florida, the father and also son reminisced with the vxcialistoufjg.com News about Peter’s childhood (still maintained in the amber the his old bedroom in brand-new Jersey), why they stay close and also what Steve learned native his own father around being a great dad.

Peter Doocy, a Fox News White residence correspondent, left, and his father, Steve, right, of “Fox & Friends,” visit at the household home in Florida on Saturday, may 29, 2021. Joe Cavaretta, because that the vxcialistoufjg.com News

Tales from the ‘dad side’

Steve Doocy might be the only major news personality who has operated in part capacity for all four significant networks — NBC, CBS, ABC and now Fox. His books, however, are not around his career, but his family. They encompass “The Mr. & Mrs. Happy Handbook: whatever I Know about Love and Marriage” and also “Tales indigenous the Dad Side,” which provided Steve the opportunity to phone call embarrassing stories around his children. (The “Dad Side” book has Peter and also his sisters on the cover, dressed in bathing suits, arm floaties and also swimming goggles. Climate again, Steve was in pajamas, so in the Doocy household, modesty is scheduled for Steve’s wife and also Peter’s mom, Kathy.)

In part ways, Steve’s high-profile job set unusual parameters for family members life. The children grew increase comfortable v their family members life being made public. (Although Peter says his dad provided him veto strength over part stories in the book.) and also because “Fox & Friends” begins at 6 a.m. Eastern, Steve to be never house on weekday mornings for lot of his kids’ childhood. (On workday mornings, that rises at 3:27 sharp.) yet that do him obtainable to it is in a hand-operated dad in the afternoon and also evening,

Steve and also Kathy Doocy, with son Peter, in ~ the Easter Egg roll at the White residence in 1988. Household photo Peter’s earliest memories room not that his dad being on TV, but watching his father work approximately the house and in the yard. Later, as soon as Peter was in center school and not obtaining much time on the field in the town’s youth baseball program, Steve decided to settle the problem by volunteering as a coach. “I was really unqualified to carry out it, however it seemed prefer it was the only means he way he was going to have the ability to play,” Steve Doocy said.

Steve Doocy went on come coach his daughters’ groups as well, but he said in a Zoom interview v the vxcialistoufjg.com News and also his child that it was the family’s evening meals the were the structure for your closeness.

“That’s why (Kathy and I) wound up writing cookbooks, because the dinner ritual was so vital for the family,” Steve said. “The family would, for the many part, be in the kitchen because that at the very least an hour together. I would carry out the dishes and the youngsters would stay at the table. They never ever bolted out of their chairs come go up to their room and also text human being or watch a TV show. And that was, i think, the richest household time that us had throughout their wonder years, growing up, because we would talk about everything.”

Peter, who talks to his dad or texts him every day, claimed that looking earlier he sees that this practice and also other seemingly mundane routines were a gift. “I was very lucky that my mom and also dad to be at every baseball or soccer video game or practice. Castle were always early to pick us up. We always knew the they were there.

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“So ns think, when you think back to being a kid, simply knowing that your parents are ideal there once you require them, to support you or help you, whether you’re at residence or not, was an extremely important and it’s something ns think of often now,” Peter Doocy said.