He has very couple of tattoos and there’s virtually no space on her body the doesn’t have ink, but as they say-opposites attract because Kat Von D and Steve-O space dating. The twosome have actually been parading around on social media, posting pictures on Instagram the one another so we recognize it’s real. The day-to-day Mail reports the tattoo artist and also stunt performer have actually been together for one month.

This afternoon they to be photographed leaving LAX airplane together. “Best decision ns made all day… i wasn’t happy through my chair on the plane, so ns climbed right into

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thekatevond’s.” Steve-O captioned top top Instagram during his airplane ride with Von D.

Although native on the street is that the pair have only been dating for a month, Kat Von D posted this photo on IG that Steve-O chilling with her cat in ~ home, saying “I’m all set to run house to these 2 sexy guys!
officiallysteveo.” does he have actually a an essential already? are they living together or just having actually sleepovers?

Whatever what condition they’ve determined to have, the twosome watch happy.

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