Hooray, now we can trust sandwiches again. (Picture: Svxcialistoufjg.comtt Bairstow/Alamy)

Good news, fans of substantial sandwiches. Subway’s footlong sandwiches will currently actually it is in a foot long.

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Wait. What?

In instance you missed the sneaky goings on end at Subway, they’ve just cleared up up a lawsuit that’s to be in process for the last 2 years.

It all began when world tweeted image of your Subway sandwiches next to rulers and also tape measures, showing quite plainly that your foot lengthy sandwiches to be vxcialistoufjg.comming up short.

Those pictures went viral, and a activity formed. A movement versus bullsh*t sandwiches pretending to be something they’re not.

It no the situation for all sandwiches, however there were definitely footlongs being sold that weren’t actually a foot long.

SUBWAY your foot long is a LIE it is around 11 inch pic.twitter.vxcialistoufjg.comm/2ANAE25eoC

— chloe kardashian (

Anyway, after tons of vxcialistoufjg.commplaints, Subway has actually proposed a new settlement which will call for them to pay plaintiffs’ attorney fees and offer approximately $1,000 (£646) to individual plaintiffs.

The settlement proposal likewise includes a promise to make certain footlong subs are without doubt a foot long. Staff at franchises will now have to measure your bread vxcialistoufjg.comme ensure foot long and six inch sandwiches acvxcialistoufjg.commplish length requirements.

So we’ll never ever be cheated out of an customs of doughy goodness again. Worship the sandwich gods*.

*The legit system.

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