Susan Rice and Condoleezza Rice absolutely have points in common. Their careers in politics and their last names may imply that the two room related, but is there any type of truth in the claim?

Susan Rice and also Condoleezza Rice room not related, in spite of sharing the exact same surname. The political figures hail from different states and do not share any kind of family ties.

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Learn an ext about the life and also careers the Susan Rice and Condoleezza Rice below.

Who is Susan Rice?

Susan Rice to be born in Washington throughout the 1960s.

Rather 보다 let the gyeongju prejudice the existed become a obstacle to her success, she harnessed it to assist her succeed. “ teach me in a very unusual way not to permit that come diminish my own sense of self,” she says.

She learned at the esteemed colleges of Stanford and Oxford, before getting her very first government function at the age of 28. Her very first child, she states “Learned come walk in the halls that the State Department.”

A an overwhelming moment in her career came simply days after 4 Americans were killed in Libya, and questions were being inquiry of the government.

Acting as the us Ambassador because that the unified Nations, Rice was standing in because that Hilary Clinton, then the Secretary of State, and appeared ~ above a collection of TV shows.Rice to be a candidate to become the next Secretary of State but withdrew her surname after the criticism the stemmed native the TV appearances.

Under Obama, she became National protection Advisor in 2013 and also was a key voice in the creation of the Iran nuclear Deal.

President trump famously pulled out of the deal a couple of years on, a decision which she explains as “reckless”.

A 2018 Tweet sparked rumors the Rice was going to operation for Senate, however this failed come materialize.

Who is Condoleezza Rice?

Condoleezza Rice prospered up in Birmingham, Alabama, as the daughter the a Church minister.

Her parents, she says, “thought of education and learning as a sort of armor versus racism.” She certainly is well educated, through a Ph.D. In political science and also 11 honorary doctorates.

Like Susan Rice, she studied at Stanford. She walk on to achieve a teaching duty and spent numerous years together a professor, though she additionally pursued her political ambitions.

Condoleezza proceeds to work closely with the university and now acts together the Denning Professor in global Business and the economy at Stanford’s school of Business.

In 2000, exhilaration under president Bush, she ended up being the nationwide Security advisor – the function that would later on be hosted by Susan Rice. In 2004, she became the 66th Secretary of State.

Throughout she career, she had supported the promo of worldwide freedoms. “We seek to usage America’s diplomatic power to help foreign citizens to much better their own lives, and also to build their own nations, and to change their very own futures,” she proclaimed at the Georgetown institution of international Office.

She was the an initial African-American mrs to achieve the position. Inclusivity, she says, create a healthy and balanced environment.

“Dealing with world who are various than friend are…makes girlfriend a better person as a result.”

Are the 2 Related?

There is no proof to suggest that Susan Rice and Condoleezza Rice room related.

Susan flourished up in Washington D.C if Condoleezza hails native Alabama.

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The 2 women are regularly mistaken because that each other, as Susan described during an illustration on ‘Real Time v Bill Maher’. She said, “We to be both national security adviser, we’re both black women called Rice.”

On one occasion, Susan was mistaken because that Condoleezza when on main business. Throughout a visit to China, while working for president Obama, whereby she met through President XI, a TV news channel do the blunder.

“There’s a whole big spread in the nightly news,” Susan told invoice Maher. “And castle say, girlfriend know, Susan Rice is in China to check out President Xi and they put up Condi’s picture.”