Since Jake Paul and Tana Mongeau are two of the most famous YouTubers ever, the internet pretty much lost it as soon as news struggle the internet that they were dating earlier in April 2019. Up till they determined to take a break in January 2020, the 2 stars to be pretty much couple goals. They were constantly hanging out, posting beloved PDA-filled pictures on society media, gushing over each other, vlogging together and also having the cutest interactions. And get this, you men — the pair even gained married top top July 28, 2019!

That’s right, after only three month together, the lovebirds seemingly ended up being husband and also wife. Practically a year ~ Tana and also Jake ultimately split, the blonde beauty opened up around their partnership on the Barstool Sports’ “BFFs” podcast in December 2020. “Did we gain legally married? No, the was a fake wedding, yes sir nothing you can ever say come say that it wasn’t, ns guess,” Tana admitted. “The feel of it all was real. It’s still real. It’s genuine for me, it constantly will be real. Ns love Jake more than anyone I’ve ever loved.”

Almost a month later, in January 2021, Tana commemorated the one-year anniversary of her and Jake’s split. “A year back today we were divorcing,” she wrote on Instagram.

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Wondering what yes, really went down when Tana and also Jake were an ext than friends? Scroll v our gallery to i found it the truth about #Jana!

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Are Jake and Tana ago together?

Fans pretty much lost it as soon as Jake and Tana were cuddled up throughout a expedition to ras Vegas in October 2020, month after announcing your split. Unfortunately, Jake collection the document straight top top his Instagram Stories and said castle were just “BFFs.”

Tana additionally shared a snap of Jake top top a yacht v her in June 2020, including to rumors that they may be earlier together. A couple of days later, Jake fueled speculation even more when he common a vlog from their pilgrimage to Miami. In it, the exes could be viewed cozying up.

In true Jake and Tana style, they post another video clip together in July 2020 wherein they made numerous jokes about being earlier together, and also they also referred come themselves together “Take.”

“It’s Take and also it’s take it two,” Jake said.

So are these two back together? it’s honestly unclear whether or not they were simply kidding approximately or gift legit, yet the last we checked, Jake to be dating model Julia Rose, so it’s likely that he and also Tana space simply great friends.

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Why go Jake Paul and Tana Mongeau breakup?

Fans very first started to problem that the pair had break-up after they noticed a absence of PDA between the 2 stars in the month that complied with their wedding. And on January 2, 2020, the pair announced the they were officially acquisition a break.

“OK, i don’t really know how to perform a ‘we’re acquisition a break’ post and this is weird together f**k… i’m happy come still be able to sit v Jake and laugh together we execute this — however for right currently we both are taking a rest to focus on ours own very crazy lives,” Tana wrote on Instagram. “I’ll never understand what the future holds and also iI will constantly love Jake and also everything we did. I’m thankful to know throughout this i’ve made a ideal friend because that life and found someone to carry out life with once no one understood me. This is to 2020, functioning on us, and my new Lamborghini because I get half of everything! No require for crazy speculations — this is coming from a place of nothing however love. Ns love you, Jakey, thank you for this previous year.”

“As Tana and also I sit beside each various other writing captions around taking a rest we’re literally laughing at just how crazy and stupid the past pair months have been and also cracking hoax at how silly this every seems,” Jake added in a short article of his own. “I’m keeping custody of Thor however Tana unfortunately gets mine Lamborghini. Ns wouldn’t adjust anything the happened… We’re best friends and also right now it’s ideal for us to emphasis on our lives and also see what the future holds. (P.S. Our friends began playing sad music while we were creating these captions and we all began laughing our a**es off… This is bitter sweet however it’s what’s finest for us right now.) The last thing we wanna watch is pan pages speculating what happened,’ us truly just need a second to focus on our very own lives and also ourselves. Love you, Mongeau.”

While stating his upcoming boxing complement on January 9, 2020, Jake opened up up around the rest up.

“Tana’s been super supportive. We ended things on good terms, we’re friends,” the told Page Six. “I guess: v I dropped in love through the sport of boxing and fell the end of love through Tana.”

He added, “When we type of made that decision , it was choose a load lifted off of both of our shoulders. It type of reminded us, like, how the connection started, which was friends.”

And once asked if the pair was ever before going to get earlier together, Jake explained, “We’ll see, ns really don’t know. If you’d asked me 3 years back if I’d it is in standing below right currently doing a f**king interview about boxing and also knocking youngsters out, I’d it is in like, ‘Absolutely not. I’m on Disney channel and also I’m a vlogger.’ So, ns don’t understand what the future holds, however you never ever know.”

The blonde beauty also spoke out about the relationship, telling Page Six, “If friend love someone so lot sometimes you have to let castle go. I feel favor if we’re both meant to be, we’ll come back together. And also if not, I’ll always have a love because that him and also an experience shared with him that I have for nobody else and I will be a supportive friend.”

Tana offered some an ext insight on why they break-up during an interview v Seventeen Magazine.

“All that his love is going toward boxing and also I’m providing all this love, expecting that in return, however he can’t provide it,” she explained“I never want to be in a relationship that’s one-sided. See him in a location where he deserve to just succeed and also thrive with no distraction provides me happy and also I understand that currently of life it is absolutely what’s right for him.”

“Just because you’re top top a break v someone doesn’t median it’s prefer a irradiate switch and also you have the right to turn off the feeling you have for them,” she continued. “I care around Jake so much as a person and also I always want to it is in friends. So i hope that if we work together in 2020, we can do that in harmony together friends.”

Jake likewise revealed come Life & layout Magazine top top January 27, 2020, the he and his ex are “on great terms” complying with the split.

“We’re super friendly,” the said. “I think it was a load lifted turn off of our shoulders when we made the decision. And also we sort of remember wherein we began at which was friends.”

He explained that he was super busy training for his upcoming boxing match, yet once it’s over they’ll have actually a lot much more time to hangout.

“She’s coming to the fight so we’ll have the ability to hang out. But, it’s also been tough because, like, I’ve been so focused. Like, ns was in large Bear, California, maintain nonstop because that the last 4 months,” that continued. “But, it will be good for us. Like, after ~ I win the fight, to just hang out, maybe, and also just chat and also be roughly all our ideal friends and such. She’s crushing it. Tana has actually so countless awards and success that i can’t even keep track of it.”


On in march 2, 2020, Tana provided fans much more insight into what walk wrong during her and also Jake’s relationship. In the 2nd episode the season 2 of she MTV reality show No Filter: Tana Mongeau, the blond beauty revealed “the genuine reason” the pair had right spoken. It transforms out, things started to turn sour once they i agreeed to work on a TV display together.

“You do not do it do company with f**king civilization that girlfriend date,” the YouTuber said. “I know this is definitely not what normal, freshly married couples are having to controversy over 24/7.”

Tana also explained that, together they had their own lives and also business decision to make, a connection had come to be “harder and harder” come balance.

“It’s really weird come be choose this is the many successful i have ever been in my career, but that doesn’t median it’s tantamount to happiness,” she stated in an additional episode the the show. “My relationship is my organization life, i m sorry sucks.”

“Jake’s in a very different location of life than where he was when I dropped for him and also I feel favor he just doesn’t have actually time because that me anymore,” she added. “I feel choose Jake has actually been progressively — indigenous the moment I met the — transforming right into a different person. However it’s like currently I’m sitting here like eight months in or whatever like, ‘I don’t even f**king know you anymore."”

When one interviewer request Tana as soon as she knew they to be done, she explained, “When we didn’t view eye come eye anymore choose we constantly had. We couldn’t check out eye to eye on so countless things that offered to not even be a question. Us couldn’t involved a conclusion top top if the skies was blue and we to be fighting. Us didn’t have actually any an are to nourish the relationship. We were like, ‘Are we going to sit here and also watch the die since we can’t nourish it or are we going to step aside and nourish ourselves, and then one of two people A) shot again one day when we both have the right to nourish the connection properly, or B) go our different ways and it never ever work out.”


In a video called “The Truth around Everything,” which she uploaded top top December 29, 2019, Tana likewise got real about their relationship. Return the blonde beauty declared that they were still together at the time, she revealed that things had changed drastically in between them after ~ they acquired married.

“The second Jake and also I acquired married, I just feel like everything changed. I don’t reference Jake, i think that the second he said, ‘I do’ come me, he sort of holy ghost was simply like, ‘Now what?’ ns think that mentally was over it. Ns don’t reprimand him however it left me clinging, trying to do this work,” she explained.

The YouTuber added that once her dad endured from a stroke ~ the wedding, Jake wasn’t there for her in the way she necessary him come be.

“My dad nearly died that night the the wedding, he had actually a stroke … so i didn’t go on the honey moon. And this giant part of me wanted so badly because that Jake come stay and take treatment of me,” she said. “And once he didn’t, ns was so heartbroken … I wanted to fix this human being who to be so emotionally f**ked up, but then when it came time for them to assist me and also fix me, lock couldn’t and that was my fault, because that falling because that that.”

After that, Tana admitted that points were never the same between them.

“We invested all this time trying so difficult to get ago to whereby we were prior to the wedding, yet it’s like, what’s broken can’t un-break. You can’t undo what’s already done. As soon as that emotion was different, i feel like he type of began to placed one foot out the door,” she continued. “It felt in a many of means that i was latching on to someone who’s like, ‘B***h acquire off me,’ friend know? Or someone who doesn’t want that, or doesn’t crave the kind of love that ns was looking for.”

But she want the world to recognize that regardless of everything, she still love Jake a lot.

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“Right now, ns am still v Jake,” she added. “I always want to it is in close through Jake. I mutual one of the craziest times of mine life v this person, and also we to be a team and also he do me feel few of the finest feelings I’ve ever before felt, but likewise some of the worst. I feel choose I should have actually been far much more transparent through him and also myself and the world, yet I just couldn’t. I want to see whatever with rose colored glasses, and now I’m just at this point that feels favor my pure lowest. Ns feel worn down at every times.”

“I will always love him, ns will constantly see myself having actually a bond v him that ns don’t have actually with everyone else, however does that median that this is all healthy and balanced for me or him? maybe not … ns hope and also would like to think that mine and also Jake’s friendship deserve to supercede all,” she concluded. “I feel favor the public’s tardy of me and my relationship needs to change, and also I feel prefer I can’t keep being something ns not due to the fact that it’s death me. Jake and I both have actually these psycho liven lives, and trying to fit each other in, it simply gets harder and also harder. So plenty of things keep hurting me further. Ns don’t ever before want to be on negative terms, ns don’t ever want to hate each other, ns don’t ever before want to no be friends. And there will constantly be a component of me the will open up my heart to him, the will desire it to work, that doesn’t want to watch him v anyone else. Ns wish every day the him and also I can get back to the way that us were due to the fact that it was magic. Yet I don’t recognize if everything that’s occurred will ever enable that. All ns know, if ns do know one thing, is that I just can’t look prefer someone’s b***h for any type of longer, and that I just want Jake to it is in happy.”

The pair also spoke out about rumors the they had separation in a video called “Divorce?” top top September 27, 2019.

“We’ve been living our resides off of social media like normal humans. We had to sacrifice the clout because that our very own emotions,” Jake explained, through Tana adding, “We’ve been trying to live a married life, it’s different.”

“Everything was so lighthearted and fun. There was so lot momentum up until the wedding, and then you acquire married and you’re like, ‘Now what?"” the blonde beauty, beauty continued. “We both still have our lives and also we’re law our ideal to mesh but it’s hard, the difficult. It’s difficult too because you have the whole people looking in ~ what she doing, commenting on whatever you’re doing … at the finish of the day us both had to step earlier and say, ‘We’re real human being with actual lives, and this is a real-life decision that we made. For this reason let’s take care of it.’ i think it to be the first time wherein we had to execute things off-camera. And also everyone was like, ‘They’re not together, we want a reunion.’ but it to be like, f**k we just need come step ago and take care of s–t turn off camera and also talk and decide what we desire to do. ”

“There’s never ever going come be any animosity, in ~ the end of the job this is all started because we both are similar, we’re both the exact same person, us both obtain along, us both vibe, we both mesh,” she concluded. “No matter what happens, I’m always going to f**king have the same love because that that i do.”