Kaepernick"s opt-out was meant (1:50)Adam Schefter, mark Dominik and Louis Riddick react to Colin Kaepernick opting out of his contract with the 49ers and examine what is next for Kaepernick and San Francisco. (1:50)


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One way or another, mountain Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick to be going to end up being a complimentary agent this offseason.

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Kaepernick"s representatives notified teams earlier this week the he would be opting out of the last year that his contract v the 49ers. The paperwork was finalized and filed Friday. Kaepernick, that restructured his contract last October, will end up being an unrestricted cost-free agent as soon as the brand-new league year begins next Thursday.

But also if Kaepernick hadn"t exercised that option, he wouldn"t have been back with the 49ers under the regards to his existing contract. General manager man Lynch called SiriusXM radio on Thursday afternoon the the team would have actually released Kaepernick had actually he not chosen to opt out.

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"Kaep is going to opt out," Lynch said. "We had actually a an excellent conversation with him. We had a an excellent meeting, and also I think we had actually a an extremely frank and also honest discussion, and what us both i agree was the under the current construct that the situation, everything, the contract, it wasn"t going to work."

The Niners aren"t judgment out a reunion with Kaepernick -- "We left that door open up in a really real and positive way," Lynch said Thursday in ~ the NFL incorporate -- because San Francisco will have actually no quarterbacks under contract for 2017 at the begin of the new league year.

A previous second-round pick in 2011, Kaepernick had actually the fifth-best touchdowns-to-interceptions ratio (14 to 3) amongst all starting quarterbacks throughout the second half of critical season. Kaepernick, who"s had actually three surgeries, is ago up to in between 225 and also 230 pounds. His weight was a subject of attention from personnel executives last season.

Kaepernick join Blaine Gabbert, Christian Ponder and Thad Lewis as 49ers quarterbacks set to explore the free-agent market. Since of that, Lynch and also coach Kyle Shanahan acknowledge that finding help for the game"s most crucial position is the height priority.

"We are looking at every option," Lynch said Sirius. "We require to. Free agency, there"s part viable choices there. I"m excited about this breeze class. I think a many of people have criticized these guys. As I clock them, I acquire excited. I think through the No. 2 pick in the draft, that"s a beneficial asset, and also it offers us a lot of of options at our disposal. One thing Kyle and also I have talked about: as soon as you have actually no quarterbacks, it"s not suitable situation, yet what it does, it allows us to go acquire people.

"Obviously there"s constraints, however it enables us to type it in the method we want. We aren"t taking other people"s ingredient that possibly we aren"t dazzling about. We have the right to go say, "Hey, these are the men we desire to pat with.""

One option is pursuing Washington Redskins quarterback Kirk Cousins. Washington inserted the exclude, franchise tags on Cousins this week, efficiently denying that the possibility to also negotiate with other teams. That way that if the Redskins decision to component with Cousins, it will come via trade -- and also with a may be hefty price.

Lynch stated Thursday he has not had any kind of discussions with the Redskins around Cousins, but he did to speak he has great respect because that the veteran and also reiterated, "All choices are available to us."

Earlier ~ above Thursday, Lynch spoke highly of several of the top quarterbacks in this year"s breeze class. The Niners interviewed Notre Dame"s DeShone Kizer on Wednesday night at the integrate in Indianapolis, and also Lynch stated Kizer "blew the doors off" the room with an outstanding performance.

Lynch additionally had optimistic things to say about what he"s viewed from the likes that Clemson"s Deshaun Watson, phibìc Carolina"s Mitch Trubisky and Texas Tech"s beat Mahomes.

During his media session at the scouting combine on Wednesday, Shanahan said he hadn"t yet had a possibility to dive into the peak of the college prospects, but he available some insight into what he"s trying to find at quarterback.

"Really, how fast they procedure things," Shanahan said. "You have the right to tell talk to world who"s capable of processing a lot, however the smartest people aren"t always the best quarterbacks either. You deserve to overprocess things. So, it"s how rapid they react in the pocket. Do they clock the rush? are they fearless? If they"re city hall the rush at all and also things choose that, it"s an extremely hard to make the reactions you should make in this organization with how fast these home windows close.

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"So you want to see how rapid their decision-making is. Not on the board, but in the pocket once they"re under duress."

No issue the avenue, the Niners will include multiple quarterbacks end the next pair of months. It"s simply a matter of how they go around doing it.

"We understand how crucial that position is," Lynch called Sirius, "and sometimes you need to be bold to secure a male that you think is a franchise guy. And also we"re both ready to do that, and also there"s a variety of different ways that we can and also we"re exploring all those choices right now."