Alaskan bush People: every Times The household Has had Trouble through The regulation The Browns" method of life has made discovery Channel"s Alaskan shrub People a hit. However, the family has run into trouble with the law over the years.

The discovery Channel"s Alaskan shrub People is a long-running show. The series follows the Brown family, consisted of of patriarch Billy, his mam Ami, and also their seven children. The self-proclaimed "wolf pack" fascinated viewers with its an extremely different means of life. Billy and also Ami chose to raise their youngsters in the Alaskan wilderness. The family members had tiny to no call with the external world. Family members made their own culture and even have their own dialect. The Brown kids grew up battling nature"s facets instead of playing video games. Also when the family members later moved to Washington State, lock still continued living top top a mountain, far away native civilization. Since the premiere in 2014, 12 seasons have actually aired. There is no authorize of cancellation in the foreseeable future. When Alaskan bush People is a success for the network, the present is no without that is controversies.

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There have currently been countless accusations the Alaskan bush People is in reality scripted and also staged. These rumors have actually been roughly for years, almost since the beginning. The speculation got a rise when Raiven Adams, mommy of be affected by each other Brown"s son, proclaimed that the display is practically entirely fake. For part fans, this statement shown that their suspicions were correct. However, rather were hesitant of the insurance claims due to Raiven Adam"s messy partnership with be affected by each other Brown. In irradiate of just how successful the show still is, it shows up that many viewers space able to overlook questions about whether or not it actually shows the family"s reality. On a more serious note, one more controversy is the the Brown household has had quite a couple of brushes v the regulation over the years. Multiple family members have actually run afoul of regulation enforcement, throughout the show"s run and decades prior to it aired.

Alaskan shrub People Ami Brown Billy Brown
prior to he came to be a reality tv personality, patriarch Billy Brown already had a vibrant past, consisting of the time he to be charged with steed theft. Radar Online revealed the previous crime in 2015. The incident developed in 1980, a year after Billy Brown married Ami when they were still life in their aboriginal state of Texas. Follow to a student traveling v them, the arrangement was to steal steeds to obtain over the mexican border. Billy entered a guilty plea and also was sentenced come a year that probation.

Ami Brown"s Fraud

prefer her husband of 41 years, Ami Brown had actually a little bit of a checkered past before appearing on truth television. Special, she had actually a criminal history. She to be charged with welfare fraud in the 1990s.

The Alaskan shrub People Brown Family
In 2014, the Brown family members suffered a major blow once its homestead melted down. Billy Brown said the crime was perpetrated by local authorities since the home was on public land. This wasn"t the just time they to be left without a home. In Alaskan bush People season 2, a houseboat they continued to be on sank. In 2015, a be afflicted with caused far-ranging damage.

Billy and also Joshua "Bam Bam" Brown served Jail Time

over 30 year after being charged with horse theft, Billy as soon as again discovered himself in hot water. This time, many of the Brown household was implicated in addition to him. In 2015, Billy, Ami, and also four of your seven youngsters were charged with 60 counts the first-degree unsworn falsification and first and second-degree theft. Youngest daughter Rain Brown, who turned 18 this year, was as well young to it is in charged. The household had falsified documents saying they stayed in Alaska from 2011-2013, when they actually did not. The fraud appeared to it is in a way of proceeding to receive Alaska"s Permanent money Dividend. This fund provides oil revenue checks every year to Alaskan residents. This charges included to speculation about how genuine the display really is.

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Ultimately, Billy and also his kid Joshua (also well-known as "Bam Bam") gotten in guilty pleas. In 2016, they to be sentenced to 30 days in prison (all the which they served), and 40 hours of ar service. Because they pled guilty, charges against the other family members were dropped. Billy later tried to explain the fraud to People Magazine, saying: "Because of the method we live ours lives and the means we frequently unconventionally travel, i didn"t keep good track of our movements." Both father and son have since moved on native the legal predicament. "Bam Bam" briefly left the show when he started a connection with a former producer, Allison. However, that wasn"t the critical of the Browns" run-ins v the law.

despite most family members members space still ~ above the show, the discovery Channel stopped adhering to Matt Brown in 2018. Viewers were currently aware the the eldest son had actually his troubles, including a head injury and also a background of alcoholism. He was previously arrested because that a DUI and attended rehab twice, in 2016 and 2018. Earlier this year, disturbing allegations against him were made public.

Matt Brown has actually been accused that sexual assault by 2 women, Jessica Jurges and also Shelley Dawn Early. Both women had connections come the family. Jessica to be a an individual assistant come the Browns, if Shelley to be Matt"s manager. The strikes allegedly took location in 2018, only days apart. Both strikes allegedly taken place at the same location (a swimming swimming pool in Canoga Park, Los Angeles). Shelley claimed that she actually assisted Jessica to escape by pulling Matt, who was intoxicated in ~ the time, off of her. She additionally said he was incredibly drunk as soon as he raped her a couple of days later. Though both women reported their attacks to the police at the time, the Los Angeles County ar Attorney decided not to prosecute. The decision not to push charges encouraged the women to go public. In September 2020, The Sun reported the story. In light of the allegations comes out, Matt Brown quit posting on social media.

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Between the news about Matt, not to cite the pandemic, it has not been simple time for the Alaskan bush People cast. Making matters worse, a wildfire ruined their home in Washington. However, the household members have actually insisted that they are sticking together v the difficult times. They already have a history of enduring problems, such together Ami"s lung cancer battle. Despite their messy legal history, longtime viewers will keep tuning in to check out the Browns" an extremely unique family dynamics, especially because there are now multiple Alaskan shrub People grandchildren. These grandkids are the wolf pack"s following generation.