Even first-time viewers of discovery Channel’s Alaskan shrub People realize that Billy Brown’s family members tree have to be vast — but the fact is the it’s actually even bigger 보다 you think. And also as the household grows when the kids continue come date and also settle down, the family tree is just going come keep obtaining larger. ABP star Noah Brown currently started a brand-new branch the his very own with mam Rhain Brown simply a couple of months after tie the knot, and Gabe Brown wasn’t far behind. However check the end the household tree together it stands now below.

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Billy Brown’s household Tree


Billy Brown’s larger Daughter and very first Wife

Notice something? Billy was actually a husband and also a father way before he met mam Ami Brown. Follow to Radar Online, Texas state records show Billy married his an initial wife as a minor once he was 16 and also she was 17. Once the Facebook web page Alaskan bush People Exposed obtained the very same paperwork, they revealed his wife’s name is Brenda and that, together, they had actually two daughters: Twila and Brandy.

According to the Exposed page, Billy revealed in his book Lost Years that he and also Brenda tied the knot so young since he want to be released as a ward the the state. 5 years later, the couple divorced — and, follow to Billy himself, he appeared to ultimately drop out of your lives. Despite the Brown family have never publicly mentioned a family members member named Brandy, watch revealing Brenda and also Billy had only had actually one daughter, Twila made she Alaskan bush People debut during a 2016 illustration on the show.

During the eldest Brown children cameo, the household patriarch claimed he hadn’t viewed or spoken to her in about 30 years because she was roughly 15. Regardless of the public reunion, Twila no seem to have stayed in close contact with her relatives. Though she shares the occasional upgrade from she half-siblings ~ above her on facebook page, she has regularly distanced it s her from her dad. “Happy Father’s Day to the absentee father,” she wrote in a June 2020 post.

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Billy Brown’s enlarge Grandchildren

If you missed the one illustration of Alaskan shrub People, you might not have realized it, but Billy had actually been a grand for years. Eldest daughter Twila has actually two children, though among her daughters tragically passed away in a vehicle accident a couple of years prior to she and also Billy summary reconnected. The mother regularly honors daughter Celie on she birthday, July 17th. She likewise has another daughter, Bronte Byars, v husband Mike Byars. The mom-daughter duo generally share selfies with each other on society media.

Billy Brown’s Younger youngsters and 2nd Wife

Billy and Ami actually additionally married young — though Ami a small younger 보다 Billy. The truth star’s 2nd wife to be allegedly only 15 as soon as they bound the knot, about ten years younger 보다 her 25-year-old groom. Together, they had one more seven kids, with genuine names differing wildly indigenous “Matthew” to “Merry Christmas.” We’ve watched them thrive up on the show, specifically younger daughter Rain, that was just 10 once filming started. The remainder of she siblings may have actually been adults, but they’ve all gone through some significant transformations.

Matt Brown there is no yet resolved down, yet Bam Bam Brown appears to it is in pretty severe in his relationship with among his show’s producers, Allison Kagan. Two of the younger brothers have currently tied the node — and also three of lock are now fathers. Noah and Rhain bound the node in respectable 2018. In January 2019, Gabe secretly gained married to mam Raquell “Rose” Pantilla. A couple of months later, they had a 2nd ceremony in June 2019, this time attended by friends and family.


Billy Brown’s Younger Grandchildren

In February 2019, Noah and also Rhain came to be the first couple to welcome a small Alaskan bush baby once they had actually their son, Elijah Connor Brown. The family was rapid to fawn end the new addition as aunt Rain Brown gushed, “Dear Elijah Conner, I first met you in ~ 3:30 a.m. Tuesday, February 26th. And I will never be the same.”

In July 2019, Gabe and also Rose announced they were following in his little brother’s footsteps through a small one of their own. “We’re so dazzling to re-superstructure we’re expecting a brand-new addition to our household this November,” they stated in a joint statement mutual with People. “God has blessed us in so countless ways and we can’t wait to accomplish our tiny one this fall.” When loss rolled around, the pair decided to save their baby’s life private, yet The Sun confirmed in might 2020 they invited a “healthy” child.

Bear Brown came to be the following father in the family members when his ex-fiancée, Raiven Adams, revealed she to be expecting in September 2019. ~ some significant ups and downs, the pair ended their connection on poor terms as Raiven common allegations of abuse. She later on welcomed their child in in march 2020, though his premature birth birth necessitated a far-reaching stay in the NICU, the child intensive treatment unit. After a young legal battle, be afflicted with announced a paternity test shown he was River’s father in might 2020. The couple has due to the fact that reconciled.

Younger sister Bird Brown and also Rain may simply be third-wheeling and shutting under engagement rumors for now, yet it i will not ~ be long until every the youngsters are having actually their very own kids and this family tree starts acquiring crazy complicated. Then again, they could have to leave the bush to satisfy someone (assuming they ever actually lived there) — or they can pull a Bam Bam and just begin dating a crew member. Yet you deserve to bet that, with this countless kids, the Brown bush clan is only going to keep expanding.

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Billy Brown’s Death

Sadly, the Brown family’s patriarch died on February 7, 2021. Bear took to Instagram to expose the regrettably news. “We are heartbroken come announce that our beloved patriarch Billy Brown passed away last night after suffering from a seizure,” he composed in a tribute. “He was our finest friend — a wonderful and loving dad, granddad and also husband and he will be dearly missed. He live his life top top his terms, off the grid and off the land and also taught united state to live choose that as well. We arrangement to honor his heritage going forward, and to continue with his dream. Us ask for privacy and prayers during this pains time! God bless everyone!!!”

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