BEE GEES were vxcialistoufjg.comnsisted of of 3 brothers, and also the Gibbs likewise had a fourth brother that tried his luck in the music industry - but Barry Gibb has admitted his guilt after your deaths.

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Bee Gees - Barry Gibb opens up up on "guilt" (Image: Getty)


Andy, that was additionally trying to do it in the music industry, had minor success until he died at age 30 on march 10, 1988.

They vxcialistoufjg.comntinued to perform together for some time, and releasing solo projects, till Maurice passed away on January 12, 2003, the a love attack, aged 53.

The punishment Gees quit performing because that a time after this, until 2009 when they began making appearances ~ above TV mirrors such together Strictly vxcialistoufjg.comme Dancing.

In 2012, after being diagnosed v liver cancer in 2011, Robin died on may 20, aged 62.


The punishment Gees (Image: Getty)

Barry has actually said he regrets gift on ‘unfriendly terms’ with every one of his brothers as soon as they died, and also how he has experienced ‘survivor’s guilt’ after gift the last one standing.

Speaking to The Times, the 74-year-old said: "I"m the eldest, so it most likely should have been me first.

“I guess it"s a form of guilt. Survivor"s guilt..."

"Maurice was gone in 2 days and we weren"t gaining on an extremely well.

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The Gibb brothers, vxcialistoufjg.comnsisting of Andy (Image: Getty)


"Robin and also I operated musically however we never functioned in any kind of other way.

“We to be brothers but we weren"t yes, really friends."

As for Andy, the youngest Gibb, the had challenges with addiction and died young.

Barry has actually said the tried to help Andy prior to his "demons obtained the better of him," and also even invite him vxcialistoufjg.comme stay before he died.


The bee Gees performing in their later years (Image: Getty)

The singer added: "I said: "vxcialistoufjg.comme ago to America." yet it was as well late for that.

“His last words to me were no friendly.

“My only regret is that us weren"t great pals in ~ the end."

Andy started in the music industry roughly the time the punishment Gees to be making the big, and in his quick career had actually six singles that reached the top 10 in the USA.

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He had assist from his brothers and also their manager, Robert Stigwood, in acquiring his music heard and by 1975 he was making waves in the charts.

By the early on 1980s his career to be declining, and also he struggled with his psychological health, which was exacerbated by medicine use.

In 1988, he died of myocarditis, a heart trouble likely resulted in by years of medicine abuse.

Now, Barry is publication a brand-new album, returning to his bluegrass root alongside some famed names such together Dolly Parton.

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