Buffalo Bills wide receiver Stefon Diggs (14) can't cave onto a happen in the finish zone with new England Patriots totally free safety Devin McCourty (32) defending during the second fifty percent of an NFL football game in Orchard Park, N.Y., Monday, Dec. 6, 2021. (AP Photo/Adrian Kraus)AP



The Buffalo Bills had plenty of avenues to victory on Monday Night Football, yet the failed to capitalize ~ above those avenues throughout the matchup.

New brothers defense deserves part credit for making plays as soon as it mattered and their offense, despite essentially play without a quarterback, to be able to move the ball up and down the field on the ground when they had a lead, but Buffalo’s worst enemy on Monday Night Football was Buffalo.

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First and goal native the six late and also you nothing dial up multiple designed QB runs v your 240-pound QB? it is on the coaching staff.

And don’t forget about the reduce passes, wasted ar position, a fumble and a couple of throws that Allen would love to have actually back.

Buffalo was agitated following their 14-10 loss to the Patriots and also something speak me lock may have actually been even much more agitated ~ watching the film. There were plenty of chances to pull out a win in a “must-win game,” however the Bills as soon as again failed to victory a nearby game. The team, 6-1 last season in one score games including the playoffs, is 0-4 this season.

Winning the nearby ones have eluded Buffalo this season and also it could price them a playoff spot in ~ the finish of the year if miscellaneous doesn’t readjust fast.

Following your loss to new England, below is wherein the Bills find themselves on assorted NFL power rankings.

Consider the receipt last six games, an even split in between three wins and three losses. Over there were leading victories over subpar (NY Jets) or banged up (New Orleans) teams, in addition to a solid success over Miami. The losses—to Jacksonville, period; a beatdown suffered versus Indianapolis and also Monday’s ran-down-your-throats affair with new England—were more perplexing. One argument could be made that the Chargers must be here, or the Colts, particularly given your 41–15 victory. The an option here is to break-up some hairs, and also I’ll provide the bills the edge based on the toughness of their as whole roster, its depth, and also the experience of quarterback mockery Allen, i beg your pardon is especially important as Buffalo chases a playoff bid—and position—against Justin Herbert and also Carson Wentz. The said, future angry social media poster, I recognize that you are right, in every little thing capacity girlfriend take worry with this pick. The teams ranked 9–12 this week room all pretty close because that me. And, even then, the bills may complete the entire season the method the last six weeks have gone, together the schedule functions Tampa and another date with new England, in addition to three winnable gamings in Carolina, Atlanta and the brand-new York Jets. Wonder if those teams will operation the sphere …

Prohibitive AFC east favorites in preseason, they’re all of sudden on verge the falling out of playoff field – next game at Tampa – and not managing pressure fine on the ar or in your post-game press conferences.

ESPN: No. 8


Player who must step up: QB Josh Allen

The Bills’ capability to certain a peak playoff seed and also potentially do a super Bowl depends on the whole team playing well, however the power of Allen under the stretch will be vital. Turnovers have actually been an issue for Allen together of late -- seven interceptions and also two fumbles in the past five games -- and also while they space not all his fault, he demands to make better decisions v the football. Overall, Allen has had a hard season, but he and the offense need to take it come the next level to obtain where the Bills desire to go.

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It was tough to beat football in Monday’s weather conditions. And also the bills still virtually won in a difficult game. Yet this is the truth: they’re a team simply two gamings over .500 the is a game-and-a-half ago in the AFC east and new England has the sheet in the tiebreaker too. It’s tough to speak this bills season has actually been anything other than disappointed to this point.