, The black color Keys' an initial album in five years, return to the stripped-down, chugging blues-rock of the duo's early days.
in between their formation in 2001 and also last album in 2014, guitarist Dan Auerbach and drummer Patrick Carney released eight LPs together The black Keys and also became family names through songs choose "Tighten Up" and "Fever." as soon as the duo take it a rest from recording and also touring after ~ years and years on the road, rumors flew the the two men had had a fallout’s out.

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According come the band, the truth is much simpler: "It was about time," Auerbach says. "We necessary a small bit that normalcy."

In the time since 2014"s revolve Blue, both musicians have actually been busy. Auerbach introduced his easy Eye Sound document label, exit his sophomore solo album, wait on a Song, and co-founded the oddball side task The Arcs. Carney developed albums through artists including Calvin Johnson and also his now-wife, Michelle Branch, and also created the theme track for Netflix"s BoJack Horseman.But this week, the wait for brand-new music is over.

Released June 28, The black color Keys" return to the studio is title "Let"s Rock, " quotation clues included. Throughout the lead-up to the album, the two couldn"t help but poke fun at the gossip over your purported breakup: In the video for the track " Go," the tape is sent out to a spiritual retreat by its document label to discover to get along. ("They had validated parking, therefore that"s what got us there," Auerbach jokes.)

Fans who have followed the band due to the fact that the start may think that "Let"s Rock" as a return to form: stripped-down, chugging, blues-rock the recalls their early days play in garages and basements in Akron, Ohio. They to speak shedding the layered manufacturing that has defined their later on work to be a herbal move.

"We obtained together in the studio and it was favor it was already agreed upon, yet we hadn"t even talked about it: that was just going to be a guitar and also drums record," Auerbach says. "There"s no keyboards, no various other musicians, no exterior producers, just the two of us. After ~ so plenty of years apart, the was the means that it had to be."

"We learned come play music together, basically," Carney says. "I wantedto it is in a etc player. I had actually this drum collection at my residence that i bought native washing dishes, so that I might have a girlfriend play drums, and I would certainly play guitar. Yet it shortly became apparent that Dan to be my only friend that wanted to come over and play music, and also he was a much far better guitar player, so I obtained moved come the drums. Girlfriend know, we just kind of teach ourselves how to make documents together."

"We simply have always had this connection, whereby we have the right to make music without yes, really talking or thinking around it," Auerbach adds.

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"When us were 16, that"s what us realized appropriate away. We simply started playing, and it worked."