CPS’ year has generally started the Tuesday after labor Day. However district officials suggest an earlier start date to “help minimize summer learning loss.”

Preschool teacher Erin Berry greets students together they walk right into Dawes Elementary college in vxcialistoufjg.com, Monday, Jan. 11, 2021. Ashlee Rezin Garcia/Sun-Times
vxcialistoufjg.com Public institutions students would start college in August for the an initial time in year under a suggest calendar because that the 2021-22 college year the shifts classes increase by one week.

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The otherwise typical schedule will be up because that a vote at the plank of Education’s monthly virtual meeting Wednesday. If approved, classes will resume august 30.

CPS’ year has generally started the Tuesday after job Day. Yet district officials an initial proposed the previously start day three weeks ago to “help minimization summer discovering loss” after an extraordinary year since of the pandemic, and also to give high school students an ext time in class ahead of next year’s SAT, PSAT, AP and also IB exams.

The brand-new schedule would check out winter break begin Dec. 20 through students going back to institution Jan. 3, and spring rest the week of April 11. The last day the classes for students would be Tuesday, June 14, through teachers booked to work-related until June 16.

The existing school year had one that the latest start days ever because Labor Day dropped seven days right into September. So through students already ending this year later than usual and beginning following year a mainly early, summer break might feel shorter.

The readjust begins to align CPS with other districts statewide, however, as August start dates have end up being much more common in recent years.

The district asked for public intake on the proposal end the past few weeks, drawing much more than 3,000 comment on the issue. Some parents concerned the pre-Labor Day start would interpret to negative attendance during the very first week when family members are supplied to winding under from summer. Others to be happy come see kids in school previously so the influence of the pandemic can continue to be addressed sooner.


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