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The Cowboys (6-9) would have actually been removed from NFL playoff contention in 2020 had actually they lost to the 49ers at house last Sunday. However instead, their Week 15 win gave them a new lease on life in a disappointing, injury-riddled season. They take it a lot much more breaths by also beating (and eliminating) the Eagles to stay alive in mainly 16.

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The NFC east title is quiet within with after first-place Washington (6-9) shed consecutive games to the Seahawks and also Panthers. The Giants (5-10) lost again come the Ravens in main 16. That combination of events elevated the Cowboys into 2nd place going into Week 17.

The Cowboys acquired swept by Washington, but they complete with a chance to sweep the Giants (at brand-new York) next Sunday.

A 7-9 Cowboys team can take the east in 2020 after finishing 2nd at 8-8 critical season. Here"s what demands to take place for Dallas to save its season with Mike McCarthy and without Dak Prescott:

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1. Cowboys victory out to get to 7-9

The Cowboys cannot success the division at 6-10 because they lose the head-to-head tiebreaker to Washington and also in the event of a three-way tie v the Giants, the Cowboys would have a lesser divison record than both teams. So together 1-1 will certainly not reduced it, there continues to be zero margin because that error.

Now that the Cowboys have actually survived and also stay front of the Eagles, your next direct goal would certainly be eliminating the Giants at 5-11.

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2. Washington loses once more

The Cowboys would certainly be law Washington"s dirty work-related by beating the Eagles and also Giants in the final two games. Dallas then needs aid from organize Philadelphia in the form of the Eagles beating Washington in main 17. Due to the fact that they lost twice come Washington this season, the Cowboys must complete a video game ahead to steal the division.

WFT has actually been favored against the Panthers, however didn"t stand a chance since of injuries to Washington"s offense, in specific to quarterback Alex blacksmith and wide receiver terrycloth McLaurin.

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The Cowboys must take care of their own business, and hope Washington stays in free-fall. Losing Dak Prescott and struggling under first coach Mike McCarthy in ~ midseason, conserving their season with a trip to the playoffs is suddenly, improbably, within the Cowboys" sights.