He exit 21 studio albums with his so late brother, Phil, and was inducted into the Rock and Roll room of Fame.

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Don Everly, half of nation rock-and-roll duo The Everly Brothers, has died. He to be 84.

The Los Angeles Times confirmed Everly’s fatality via a household spokesperson on Saturday night, reporting that he died at home in Nashville. A cause of death was not cited.

“Don lived by what that felt in his heart,” check out a statement offered to the outlet. “Don to express his appreciation because that the ability to live his desires … v his soulmate and also wife, Adela, and sharing the music that made the an Everly Brother.”

Everly to be born in 1937 in Kentucky and raised in a musical family members with his brother, Phil. The pair started writing and recording music in the mid 1950s and also released your self-titled album in 1957 prior to signing v Warner Bros. Documents in 1960. They go on to achieve hits such together “Bye bye Love,” “All I have to Do Is Dream” and also “Problems.”

The Everly Brothers exit 21 studio albums in enhancement to plenty of live and also compilation albums, while Don Everly released number of solo records, including Sunset Towers and Brother Jukebox.

The team was inducted right into the Rock and Roll room of fame in 1986 alongside Buddy Holly, Elvis Presley and Chuck Berry. Don to be inducted into the Musicians hall of fame in 2019.

His brother Phil died in 2014 that pulmonary condition at the period of 74.

Additional access time of The Everly Brothers encompass “Cathy’s Clown,” which charted in 1960 ~ above the Billboard hot 100 for 5 weeks in the height position, and “Bird Dog.”

Don Everly is survived by his mother, Margaret; his wife, Adela; his son, Edan, and his daughters, Venetia, Stacy and Erin.

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