Nick, Joe, and Kevin Jonas — the three brothers who quickly ended up being a popular music sensation and also a heartthrob brother band many thanks to your success ~ above the Disney Channel. However there is one various other Jonas brother that isn’t as talked around — Frankie Jonas.

Now, in a brand-new interview with Bustle, 20-year-old Frankie is opened up around his psychological health, exactly how he “always hated” the nickname “Bonus Jonas”, and also how he felt his future “slowly died” due to the success of the Jonas Brothers.

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Credit: Joe Jonas

When Frankie to be only five years old, his parents told him the they were relocating from brand-new Jersey to L.A. In order to assist his brothers and also their career. Every the interview through Bustle:

“They to be like, ‘We’re walk to relocate to L.A. For her brothers’ career.’ I had planned out my entire life in Jersey. I was 5, and I’m like, ‘I’m going to go to Princeton and be this college football star who comes earlier home and also becomes one astrophysicist.’ that was my plan. And I watched it just fade to dust. Mine future just gradually died.”

After the family relocated, “it was type of just made decision that I’d act,” he remembers. “It was a conversation — i don’t remember it, yet I’ve been told around it — regarding the pan of my brothers, who likewise had a comparable kinship come me as this symbol, together this mascot. ‘Frankie might theoretically act.

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He might be in your shows. He can proceed that tradition of the mascot-like character.’”