Sailors and also Marines on the USS green Bay during an all-hands call. (U.S. Navy photo by Mass interaction Specialist third Class Stephen M. Votaw)
The naval Corps has had actually precedence end the Navy since 1921 because the naval Corps has been an extremely consistent in citing its origins as the regulation of the continental Congress that established the continental Marines ~ above 10 November 1775. In contrast, the United says Navy until 1972 provided various responses come the inquiry of as soon as it was founded, regularly citing regulation dating from its reestablishment in the 1790s.

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Set since the 1790s

At the moment the stimulate of precedence the the U.S. Solutions was established, the marine was making use of the days from the 1790s, together its founding, and hence was viewed as a younger organization than the naval Corps. Regardless of several initiatives to reverse the naval Corps/Navy bespeak of precedence in recent years, it has actually not occurred.

In fact, the continent Navy to be created prior to the continent Marines. ~ above 13 October 1775 congress enacted the an initial naval legislation giving for the outfitting of 2 warships. This significant the start of the continental Navy, the forerunner of the United claims Navy. Virtually one month later, 10 November 1775, together an extension of the naval legislation, Congress solved that "two Battalions the marines be raised."

Following the Revolutionary War, both services entered abeyance. As soon as they to be reestablished in the 1790s, the reestablishment that the United states Navy came before the reestablishment the the maritime Corps.

Shifting the Navy"s Birthday

An stimulate by the marine Corps Commandant in 1921 designated 10 November 1775 together the birthday of the naval Corps. End the years, the U.S. Navy cited 2 other feasible dates as establishing events, the law of 27 in march 1794, "to provide a navy armament," authorizing the construction of six frigates under the war Department, and the action of 30 April 1798, which established the department of the Navy.

Despite the presence of this alternatives, the U.S. Marine for fifty years commemorated "Navy Day" top top 27 October, together proposed in 1922 by the brand-new York navy League, in respect of president Theodore Roosevelt"s birthday. The Navy had no officially known birthday until 1972, when Admiral Zumwalt, chief of navy Operations, with the advice of vice Admiral Edwin B. Hooper, manager of marine History, authorized observance of 13 October as the marine Birthday.

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