The duo to be convicted of killing your parents at your Beverly Hills residence in 1989.

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Lyle and also Erik Menendez are serving a life sentence because that killing your parentsCredit: AP:Associated Press

Will the Menendez brothers ever get the end of prison?

The Menendez brother will never be released from the Richard J. Donovan Correctional facility in mountain Diego, California.

They room serving life sentences without the opportunity of parole over the deadly shootings of your parents Jose and Mary Louise “Kitty” Menendez.

Lyle, 53, and Erik Menendez, 50, spent much of their sentences held in different prisons in California.

Lyle had actually been hosted at Mule Creek State prison in north California yet made a inquiry to move to the Richard J. Donovan basic to it is in closer come his brother.


The Menendez brother will never be released from the Richard J. Donovan Correctional basic in mountain Diego, California

The request was authorized by the prison board and also he was moved to the facility.

However, Lyle asked for to it is in housed v Erik, and in April of 2018 to be moved into the very same unit as his brother.

Why did the Menendez brothers kill their parents?

The Menendez brothers claimed to have killed Jose and also Kitty ~ being based on years that abuse by your father.

The brothers claimed the deadly shooting to be a type of "imperfect self-defense," according to The brand-new York Times.

Lyle was 21 and also Erik to be 18 at the moment of the deadly shootings.

Decades after the double murder, Lyle expressed remorse over his parent’s deaths. 


Lyle to be 21 and also Erik was 18 at the moment of the deadly shootingsCredit: AP:Associated Press

He told abc News: “If I could take my consciousness now and also go back, i would have gone come the police and also taken my opportunities in exposing what was happening.” 

Erik expressed comparable sentiments to People, saying: “The method I reacted to be so disastrous to all. It to be the many awful devastation. I killed the two civilization I love the most.”

Why room the Menendez brother on TikTok?

Lyle and Erik’s instance has reemerged on society media after ~ a legion that TikTokers do them go viral in videos.

18-year-old Janne native Germany became an support for the Menendez brothers ~ watching a YouTube video clip regarding your trial.

She now articles videos of your sexual-abuse testimony v sad music top top her tiktok profile, which has garnered over 45,000 followers. 



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In addition, various other accounts have been created for the exact same purpose, through usernames including “MenendezHelper” and “MenendezGuardians” posting edited trial footage of the men. 

Some likewise are demanding justice while additionally branding them as “the most attractive murderers” in the world.

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Instagram account have also been created for Lyle and Erik advocating for your release.


'Gator bones' discovered where Laundrie's continues to be recovered ~ eerie pic posted


Laundrie's notebook pages 'may reveal reality behind Gabby murder' if released