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Like numerous others, i was ready to litter in the bath towel on this dolphins season since it was simply not spring good. Climate the Ravens video game happened and while I gained excited end a win, I needed to watch a pair more constant outings native this team. The team did simply that during the month of November and also played some an excellent football. The dolphin sit in ~ 5-7 and also face a large uphill fight to do the postseason. If you look in ~ the remainder of the schedule though, the Dolphins must be favored in just about every game before facing off versus the Patriots to end the season. Crazier things have actually happened but how awesome would it it is in to check out this team success out and also make the playoffs?

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Miami Dolphins included in Playoff picture But for exactly how Long? - Sports portrayed Miami dolphin News, analysis and MoreThe Dolphins have actually turned things around in 2021, but they basically need to win the end to pull off an NFL first

Dolphins protective Line

Jaelan Phillips sees the work-related he"s placed in starting to pay off - ProFootballTalkWide recipient Jaylen Waddle had actually a large day because that the dolphin in Sunday’s success over the Panthers and also he wasn’t the only among the team’s first-round picks to pat a starring role.

Panthers at Dolphins

The ice cream Don"t Lie: Miami dolphin beat Carolina Panthers, a ReviewThe Dolphins have won 4 consecutive gamings to climb earlier into relevancy. Here"s what us noticed in a thrashing that the Panthers.

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