HONOLULU, Hawaii (vxcialistoufjg.com) - Parks and also beaches room closed top top Oahu since of a surging in COVID-19 cases. So are bars. But four Consolidated movie theaters have reopened top top the island — and the movie chain is hope to woo customers earlier with strict safety and security protocols and assigned seating.

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Consolidated Theatres reopened 4 movie theatre Friday: Ward Village, Town facility at Mililani, Pearlridge Center and also Olino at Ka Makana Alii. They were shuttered back in March.

If you walk to the movies, the endure will be a lot various than the was before the pandemic as there space a host of brand-new sanitation and also safety protocols in place.

“We know the community’s comes to with the recent increase of COVID-19 cases, and also have been working difficult to develop intensified protocols,” said Rod Tengan, Consolidated Theatres department manager.

In addition to keeping teams small, Consolidated says:

Masks are required for every guests and staff.Guests are motivated to buy ticket in advancement online. And also they’ll be let in no previously than 30 minutes prior to the movie starts.Customers will also be assigned seats and auditoriums will have limited capacity. Groups sitting together can also be no larger than five people.Every 2 seats ~ above either next of an separation, personal, instance or team will be clogged off.Common areas will it is in sanitized regularly, with an extra emphasis on high-touch allude areas.Floor decals and also signs are put throughout theaters to assist guests socially distance.New HVAC filters have been mounted in the air conditioning systems

”You can probably eat turn off the floors here,” said moviegoer Joe Deery.

“I’m sure they’ve sanitized everything. It’s no a real big issue there, however you have to certainly be cautious, a small concerned through the virus, the movie theaters room not a huge concern. We also strategically choose a movie theater through very few people in it, for this reason if friend come at 7:30 in ~ night that might be other different.”

Moviegoer Julie Alama was among only four people in a theatre on Friday afternoon.

”We were moderately concerned about coming back, yet when we were reading about how the theatre had actually taken extra precautions v safety, it to be a calculation risk, like, why not?,” she said.

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“We haven’t to be to a movie because like five, 6 months.”

All other Consolidated Theatre locations will open up at a later date. Together for the films, the number of very first run movie is minimal so customers have the choice of city hall older movie at a discounted price.

Some the the movies play at Ward Consolidated: “Zootopia,” “Aquaman,” and “Inception.”


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