Geoff Burke-USA TODAY sporting activities predicts the Giants will complete with a 4-13 record.

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New York Giants schedule

Week 15 –vs. Dallas Cowboys

DateTime (ET)TV
Sunday, Dec. 191:00 PMFOX
Point spread: Cowboys -10.5 Over/under: 44.5Moneyline: Giants +375; Cowboys prediction: Cowboys 31, Giants 17

Philadelphia Eagles
DateTime (ET)TV
Sunday, Dec. 261:00 PMFOX
Week 16 prediction: Eagles 27, Giants 21

Week 17 –
Chicago Bears

DateTime (ET)TV
Sunday, Jan. 21:00 PMCBS
Week 17 prediction: Giants 26, bear 20

Week 18 –vs. Washington football Team

DateTime (ET)TV
Sunday, Jan. 91:00 PMFOX
Week 18 prediction: Washington 20, Giants 7

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New York Giants schedule predictions, roster outlook

The Giants challenge the Denver Broncos in week 1 of the NFL season.A key stretch of new York’s schedule features a main 9 bye, and Monday Night Football in weeks 8 and also 11 ~ above the road versus the Kansas City Chiefs and Tampa bay Buccaneers predicts the Giants will end the season with a 9-8 record.

New York Giants roster outlook

All our predictions are based on the Giants keeping and beginning these crucial players:

RB – Devontae Booker, Saquon BarkleyWR – Kenny Golladay, Darius Slayton, Kadarius Toney, Sterling Shepard (Q), man RossTE – Evan Engram, Kyle Rudolph, Kaden Smith

New York Giants season thus far

Week 1 — new York Giants lost at home to the Denver Broncos, 27-13

When: Sunday, September 12 in ~ 4:05 afternoon EST ~ above FOXSpread: Broncos -3Moneyline: Broncos -160; Giants +140Over/Under: prediction: Broncos 20, Giants 17

Ugly. That’s the best method to explain what we observed from the Giants in your season opener Sunday afternoon. Daniel Jones struggled big-time transparent the game, once again placing the ball on the turf. The Giants’ defense was consumed apart by Teddy Bridgewater. This is no the method head coach Joe Judge want to open his second season in Jersey.

main 2 — new York Giants shed to Washington football Team, 31-29

When: Thursday, September 16 at 8:20 pm EST top top NFL NetworkSpread: Washington -3.0Moneyline: N/AOver/Under: prediction: Washington 31, Giants 17

That’s not the way to start their divisional slate. The Giants to be desperate for a success in mainly 2 after losing the opener. Daniel Jones played good football. The defense required a late-game turnovers. Unfortunately, one off-sides penalty versus Dexter Lawrence ~ above a Washington missed ar goal as time expired provided the burgundy and gold another opportunity. Dustin Hopkins nailed it, sending brand-new York to an 0-2 note on the season.

Week 3 –New York Giants lose 14-17 come Atlanta Falcons

When: Sunday, Sept. 26 in ~ 1:00 pm on FOXMoneyline: Giants (-175), Falcons (+150)Over/under: 48.5 prediction: Giants 27, Falcons 24

Facing one of the worst defenses in the NFL, this to be a terrific opportunity for Daniel Jones to build upon his inert from main 2. If Jones go fine, he additionally didn’t score any kind of touchdowns. This should have been a scoring affair, however the Giants only managed 14 points. It could be a lengthy year in new York.

Week 4 –New York Giants defeated the brand-new Orleans Saints, 27-21

Point spread: Saints -7.5Moneyline: Giants +280; Saints -360Over/under: prediction: Saints 24, Giants 14

One that the most unexpected results in 2021. The felt like brand-new York had tiny chance in main 4, encountering the Saints in ~ the caesars Superdome with a sold-out crowd because that the first time in 2019. Yet quarterback Daniel Jones ceded one of the ideal performances in his job (402 yards, 2 touchdowns) and Saquon Barkley do the huge plays for this stunning victory.

Week 5 — new York Giants lose to Dallas Cowboys, 44-20

When: Sunday, October 10 at 4:25 pm ESTSpread: Cowboys -7 (BetMGM)Moneyline: Cowboys (-350), Giants (+275)Over/Under: prediction: Cowboys 31, Giants 17

Talk about an ugly work in large D. The Giants lost Saquon Barkley (ankle) and also Daniel Jones (concussion) to injury in the first half. Big-time free agent signing Kenny Golladay also went under to a knee injury in what ended up being a three-score loss. Depending upon the severity of this injuries, one can conclude the the 1-4 Giants space now merely playing out the string.

1:00 afternoon ESTPoint spread: Rams -8.5 (BetMGM)Moneyline: Rams (-450), Giants (+340)Over/under: prediction: Rams 28, Giants 17

The ugly variation of Daniel Jones is back. Baffling decisions, fumbles, missed throws. Whatever that made him a nightmare to watch reappeared in main 6. It’s same to to speak the Giants room in trouble, especially with Saquon Barkley likely sidelined an additional week.


Week 7 –New York Giants beat the Carolina Panthers, 25-3

When: Sunday, Oct. 24 at 1 PMSpread:Panthers -3, (BetMGM)Moneyline:Panthers (-155), Giants (+130)Over/Under: 43.5 prediction: Panthers 21, Giants 17

This is the version of new York’s defense plenty of expected coming right into the season. The Giants never enabled Carolina to experience a moment of happiness, suffocating the Panthers’ offense. It doesn’t adjust the season-long estimate for new York, but this was a much-needed win.

Week 8 — brand-new York Giants lose to Kansas City Chiefs, 20-17

When: Monday, November 1 at 8:15 afternoon EST top top ESPNPoint spread:Chiefs -10, (BetMGM)Moneyline:Chiefs (-500), Giants (+375)Over/under:52.5 prediction:Chiefs 24, Giants 20

We have to offer it come the Giants for their gutsy performance against the Chiefs in Kansas City. Unfortunately, injuries ~ above offense and also some late-game penalties led to brand-new York’s 6th loss in eight games. It’s currently a lost season in Jersey.

Week 9 –New York Giants beat the ras Vegas Raiders, 23-16

When: Sunday, Nov. 7 in ~ 1 p.m. ESTPoint spread: Raiders -3.0 Moneyline: Giants +135; Raiders -160Over/under: prediction: Raiders 27, Giants 21

The new York Giants defense is officially back. For the third consecutive week, brand-new York organized its adversary under 20 points. In mainly 9, the Giants forced a pair of Derek Carr interceptions, making a house contact on one in the third quarter. When the Giants come the end of the bye, Saquon Barkley will be back.

Week 11 — new York Giants shed to Tampa just Buccaneers, 30-10

When: Monday, November 22 in ~ 8:15 afternoon EST top top ESPNLine:Buccaneers -10.5, (BetMGM)Spread:Buccaneers (-550), Giants (+400)Over/Under:49.5 prediction:Buccaneers 28, Giants 24

Another ugly offensive reflecting for Daniel Jones and also the Giants, causing three turnovers top top the part of this unit. Meanwhile, the Giants’ defense just couldn’t do enough to protect against Tom Brady and also Co. As new York fell to 3-7 ~ above the campaign.

Week 12 –New York Giants win the Philadelphia Eagles, 13-7

Point spread: Eagles -3.5Moneyline: Giants +145; Eagles -176Over/under: prediction: Giants 28, Eagles 21

As long as they aren’t encountering a room of call quarterback, brand-new York’s defense is legit. After hearing every the buzz around Halen Hurts, new York snuffed out every little thing the Eagles tried. There isn’t anything great to say around the Giants’ offense, yet a win is a win.

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Week 13 –New York Giants lost to Miami Dolphins, 20-9

Spread: dolphins -2.5, BetMGMMoneyline: dolphins (-145), Giants (+120) prediction: dolphins 20, Giants 17

Most NFL teams beginning a backup quarterback would limit his possibilities to throw in a low-scoring game. Freddie Kitchens request Mike Glennon to litter it 44 time (23 completions). That need to tell you every little thing you should know about why brand-new York lost.

Week 14 –New York Giants lose to Los Angeles Chargers, 37-21

DateTime (ET)TV
Sunday, Dec. 124:05 PMFOX
When: Sunday, Dec. 12 at 4:05 pm ESTPoint spread: Chargers -9.0 Moneyline: Giants +325; Chargers -425Over/under: 43.0 prediction: Chargers 24, Giants 13

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