SANTA CLARA, CALIFORNIA - JANUARY 19: Aaron Rodgers #12 of the environment-friendly Bay Packers reacts after a pat ... <+> versus the san Francisco 49ers throughout the NFC Championship video game at Levi"s stadion on January 19, 2020 in Santa Clara, California. (Photo by take care of How/Getty Images)

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This offseason was particularly long for green Bay Packers fans, as the future the the franchise looked to it is in in the balance. The standoff in between quarterback Aaron Rodgers and also the team front office had reached the break point, and up until a week ago, the possibility of the reigning NFL MVP calling quits to be as real as ever.

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With with the quarterback now at the team facilities and also suiting up for practices, the 2022-23 Super bowl odds indicate that sportsbooks are still expecting Rodgers to placed the team in the place to contend, in spite of the noticeable rift that exists.

The green Bay Packers room currently noted at +1100 to success this year Super Bowl, sit them behind the Kansas City Chiefs (+500), Tampa only Buccaneers (+600), and also even with the Buffalo receipt (+1100).

The team also sits at +650 to success the NFC Championship, with only Tom Brady and the Tampa only Buccaneers listed higher at +300. Aaron Rodgers has led his team come two straight NFL Championships, and if the oddsmakers’ projections prove true, fans will be in keep for yet one more high-stakes Rodgers vs. Brady showdown.

Despite Derek Carr’s initiatives to attract him to las Vegas, Davante Adams additionally returns to Lambeau ar for the season. Adams managed to press through beforehand season injury concerns and also take on a crucial role in the offense that witnessed Rodgers toss 48 touchdowns.


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The duo the Aaron Jones and also AJ Dillon market a commendable ground attack, and receivers Allen Lazard and Marquez Valdes-Scantling linked with tight end Robert Tonyan provide Rodgers lot of of targets downfield. This is additionally worth factoring in for those who concern Rodgers’ period or an ideas this season, with Jordan Love having plenty of offensive support have to he acquire the call.

Defensively, the Packers return a core part of the team that observed them ranked nine in the organization last season, record 41 sacks (10th in the NFL) and also 7th in turnover differential. These respectable defensive statistics have a decent possibility of improving this season, as a few key positional football player failed to accomplish expectations critical year.

While the team brings acquainted unit come the field, their overall success ultimately lies in the hands of Aaron Rodgers. The Packers’ Super bowl odds shifted from +1700 to the existing +1100 the minute it to be announced the Rodgers would be returning, confirming his worth in the eye of odds makers as well.

Aaron has built up his re-publishing miles over his career, and also with the quarterback turning 38 this season, fans have actually likely seen Rodgers in ~ his best.

Bettors will be tempted to point at the recent Super bowl wins from Tom Brady and Peyton Manning as evidence that age shouldn’t hold back one that the league’s best. However, Brady and Manning to be both may be to depend on your defenses in moments where they were merely not qualified of getting the task done themselves.

Current betting odds perform Rodgers 9th on the board in total passing yards, and also Davante Adams sits 5th to lead the NFL in receiving yards in ~ +1300. With the newly drafted Amari Rodgers at +4500 to take it the ROTY, odds suggest that this team will still rank extremely in regards to offensive output, but there are quite a few names that are expected to have much more breakout performances this season.

In Rodgers’ defense, that does have plenty that targets, i beg your pardon should allow him to spread out the field and also keep defenses honest. Teams have involved expect this from the Packers, however this might be the season where father time begins to record up v an aging and demotivated Rodgers.

As impeccable as his resume could appear, he merely hasn’t been able to obtain his team ago to the super Bowl following their 2010 win. What renders this season any different?

I prefer the Packers to go over on your season success totals, victory the division, yet ultimately fall quick in the conference if failing to do the supervisor Bowl. V this gift said, it might be the last season we view the future hall Of Famer don the green and also yellow as well.

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2022 Super bowl Odds Via

Kansas City Chiefs +500 Tampa bay Buccaneer +600 Buffalo bill +1100 green Bay Packer +1100 Cleveland Browns +1400 Los Angeles ram +1400 Baltimore crow +1600 san Francisco 49er +1600 Dallas Cowboy +2500 Seattle Seahawk +2500 brand-new England Patriot +2800 Tennessee Titan +2800 Indianapolis Colt +3300 Los Angeles Charger +3300 Miami Dolphin +3300 Minnesota Viking +3300 new Orleans Saint +3300 Arizona Cardinal +4000 Denver Bronco +4000 Pittsburgh Steeler +4000 Washington football Tea +4000 Chicago bear +5000 Atlanta Falcon +6600 Carolina Panther +6600 ras Vegas Raider +6600 brand-new York large +6600 Philadelphia Eagle +6600 Cincinnati Bengal +10000 Jacksonville Jaguar +10000 Detroit Lion +15000 new York Jet +15000 Houston Texan +20000


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