SCRANTON, Pa. — The Scranton Federation of teachers is planning to strike once the clock strikes 12:01 ~ above the morning that Wednesday, November 3.

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That decision came after the college board authorized a budget plan that go not include pay raises because that teachers.

"It"s really bad. It"s not on the parental that parents should not it is in struggling; teachers have to not be struggling. It"s no fair come them in ~ all," claimed parent Nicole Young.

"We"ve got to the finish of the line and also our patience with the Scranton institution District. The district has refused to deal with our concerns around the slash-and-burn spending plan cuts the are substantially affecting the quality of education."

The critical time teachers right here went on strike was earlier in 2015. Parents room hoping this doesn"t result in their children lacking school.

"Kind of involves me due to the fact that I have actually four children that room in school. So currently I occupational overnight. Therefore I"m wondering so what the children are going come do," included Young.

She said, "Last year, because the pandemic, it yes, really messed united state up due to the fact that we had our children at home doing digital schooling. So now this year, they"re finally ago in school, and now the teachers space not getting paid because that what they"re gaining paid for. For this reason it"s yes, really messing every one of us up, so it"s messing the teacher up, the kids up the parents up. It"s simply it"s no fair because that anybody."

Meanwhile, the district says the union won"t occupational to reach a compromise and also that the strike an alert "does naught to achieve that goal, however instead disrupts our students" education and an essential return to the familiarity and stability of the classroom, in a effective attempt to attain an unrealistic, unaffordable and unattainable goal."

"And that"s no fair. Therefore they need to raise taxes. They have to do every little thing they have to do, however teachers require to be able to be in ~ school and also teach their youngsters the kids need education, and that"s top priority is children," said Young.


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