American grandnephew of Nazi dictator discover his brothers proposed to his Jewish girlfriend, but she broke off the engagement when she found his family’s dark history


Adolf Hitler addresses soldiers in ~ a Nazi rally in Dortmund, Germany. (Hulton Archive/Getty photos via JTA)

One of the last living family members members the Nazi dictator Adolf Hitler was involved to a Jewish woman, but she damaged it turn off after finding out the family’s secret, sinister history, the German newspaper Bild revealed Tuesday.

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It has long been known that Hitler’s critical living relatives have actually been living quiet, unassuming stays on lengthy Island, new York.

In his very first public interview in end a decade, one of these relatives, grandnephew Alexander Stuart-Houston, whose center name is Adolf, revealed that a household member planned come marry a Jewish girlfriend, however that she referred to as off the engagement. Stuart-Houston did no specify i m sorry brother, and also did not determine the Jewish fiancee.

Alexander, 68, is the oldest of three enduring grandsons that Hitler’s half-brother Alois Hitler, who moved to Liverpool v his Irish wife Brigid Dowling in the first decade that the 20th century.

Alois’s kid William Hitler to be born in 1911 in Liverpool.

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In his twenties, through Adolf Hitler’s rise to come to be chancellor the Germany, William made decision to leaving Britain for Germany. That was working as a banker in Berlin in 1935.

William to be unhappy through the work, and was apparently shunned by his uncle, therefore he moved with his family members to the united States.


William Patrick Hitler, nephew of Adolf Hitler, in united state Navy uniform, 1944-7 (US Navy, publicly domain)

He even enlisted in the united state Navy, whereby he offered during world War II.


In 1946, saddled through the most despised name in the world, wilhelm Hitler moved his family members to a tiny town on long Island and changed his surname to Hiller, a favorite adopted name for various other Hitlers living in postwar Germany. It to be later changed again to Stuart-Houston for unclear reasons.

His 4 sons to be Alexander, Brian, Louis and also Howard.

Howard was the only one that married and reportedly to plan to have actually children, yet he was killed in a automobile accident in 1989.

All three making it through brothers still live in their small hometown that Patchogue.

The reality that no one of the making it through brothers married or had youngsters has elevated speculation end the years the they had actually quietly solved to stay childless, and thus allow the Hitler family line concerned a natural end. The was the claim of British reporter David Gardner, who tracked them down in the 1990s, and wrote a book entitled, “The last of the Hitlers: The Story that Adolf Hitler’s brother Nephew and the exceptional Pact come Make sure His Genes die Out.”


David Gardner’s book, The critical of the Hitlers

“They didn’t sign a pact, but what they go is, castle talked among themselves, talked about the load they’ve had in the background of your lives, and also decided that none would marry, none would have children. And that’s…a pact they’ve maintained to this day,” Gardner claimed.


Alexander denied understanding of together a pact in a 2002 interview v Gardner, yet said his brothers may have actually made one the did not involve him. Sixteen years later, in the Bild interview, that vehemently refuse the presence of such a pact, calling the “bullshit” and revealing that among the 3 brothers tried unsuccessfully come marry his Jewish girlfriend.

Alexander additionally said the brothers debated writing a book about their lives as the critical of the Hitler line, yet “changed our minds. We won’t execute it, not for every the money in the world.”

A lifelong Republican — as room his brother — he has additionally lashed out at us President Donald Trump, calling that a “liar.”

“The last human being I would say ns admire is Donald Trump. He is definitely not one of my favorites. Some things that Trump states are all right. The his manner the annoys me. And I just don’t like liars,” he said.


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