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Black bear in ~ The Needles. This photograph was taken through a far wildlife camera. Photo

Did you know that southeast Utah is be affected by each other country? black bears are well-known to wander right into the park indigenous the Abajo Mountains, i m sorry border The Needles district. They have been sighted in Salt Creek Canyon and many bordering canyons, and along the Colorado River. Bears are omnivorous and will forage for food and also water over a large area. Countless factors affect their behavior, consisting of your reaction to them. Some bears are an ext aggressive 보다 others, and bears that come to be habituated to human being food have the right to be really dangerous.

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Report SightingsYour sightings the bears, bear tracks, and also other evidence can assist us stay educated of bear activity in the park. Please call us come report her bear sighting.

Reducing the risk of bear Encounters

Be alert. Watch because that tracks, droppings, diggings, and other be afflicted with signs. If you watch a cub, retreat instantly – you deserve to be details the mom is nearby.

Make noise and also stay top top the trail. Typically, bears avoid humans. You have the right to make this much easier for them by do noise when hiking in the backcountry – talk v your companions, sing a song, whistle.

Watch for carcasses and stay away from them. Report every dead pets found near a follow or campsite to a park employee. If you odor rotten meat, leaving the area immediately. Never technique or camp close to a carcass. A bear may be out of sight, guarding its food. You can detect dead body by the visibility of ravens or coyotes.

Avoid carrying odorous items. Bears are attracted by smells of food and also other odorous items. Leave food favor bacon, tuna, ham, and scented an individual products at home. Bears have a phenomenal feeling of smell and also can finding odors mile away. We recommend utilizing dry, sealed foods; they room lighter and also less aromatic.

Keep a clean camp and also store food item securely. for the defense of bears, park visitors and employees, it is an extremely important that bears do not gain access to human food. Never ever eat or store food in her tent. Dispose the food scraps appropriately (pack the in, load it out) and don"t leave food, dishes, or stoves unattended.

In locations where bear are known to it is in active, store your resting area away from your cooking and food-storage area. Store food, garbage, and also other odorous item in vehicles or in bear-proof containers. If these room unavailable, hang food and also other odorous items in a sturdy bag together high as possible in a tree.

Campers at Salt Creek designated campsites and also the Salt/Horse Zone in The Needles should store every food, beverages, and associated containers, garbage, and also all scented items in a hard-sided, park-approved animal-resistant food container, capable of preventing access by wildlife, at least 100 feet from camp.

Bear Encounters

In contacts through humans, bears shot to minimize personal harm. A be afflicted with becomes protective in three situations: (1) once surprised, (2) as soon as with young, and (3) as soon as on a carcass or various other food source.

If you watch a bear in the distanceIf the be affected by each other doesn’t check out you, keep out that its sight, and also detour as far as possible behind and also downwind of the bear. If the be affected by each other sees you, retreat slowly and leave the area. If possible, progressively walk upwind come let your scent reach the bear. Nevertheless of the distance, never approach a bear.

If you view a bear in ~ close rangeDo not run, shout, or make sudden movements. continue to be still, avoid eye contact, and talk quietly and also calmly come the bear. Carry out not panic – your safety might depend on remaining calm.

If a be afflicted with charges youStand still; do not run. Charging bears often veer away or protect against abruptly in ~ the last second (bluff charge). If a bear provides physical contact, drop come the ground and play dead. Save your fill on to assist protect her body, clasp your hands end the earlier of her neck, and also lie face down through your legs flat. Be still and stay quiet to convince the bear the you space not a threat.

After the bear leavesWait number of minutes before moving. Listen and also look roughly cautiously before you gain up to make certain the be affected by each other is no much longer nearby.

Bear Attacks

Predatory strikes are rare however may take place under inexplicable circumstances. Such assaults are differentiated from meet with protective bears by not being connected with one of the 3 defensive instances (when surprised, when with young, and when top top a carcass or various other food source). In together situations, unusual conditions have resulted in the bear come perceive and attack you together prey.

If friend are attacked by a predatory bear, do no play dead. Fight back aggressively. Usage anything accessible to protect yourself. Civilization have battled off bear by yelling, punching, kicking, or otherwise defending themselves.

Pepper Spray

Pepper spray might temporarily incapacitate or cause discomfort in bears. That is a non-toxic and non-lethal means of deterring them. There have actually been cases where bear spray repelled wild or attack bears and accounts where it has actually not operated as expected. Factors influencing efficiency include distance from the bear, wind, rain, air temperature, and also product shelf-life.

If you decide to bring pepper spray, make sure you have actually it readily easily accessible (attached to your hip or prior of pack, no stored in your pack), and also understand its plan use and how come deploy the safely and effectively. Under no circumstances have to pepper spray produce a false sense of protection or serve as a substitute for taking proper safety precautions in bear country.

Approved Food warehouse Containers

In the Needles district, food and beverages, food and beverage containers, garbage, and all other scented items have to be save on computer in park-approved hard sided animal-resistant food containers. These containers should be save on computer at least 100 feet indigenous camp. Pet resistant containers are recommended for all trips right into the backcountry, but are required from march 15 v November 30 because that the complying with campsites.

Salt Creek designated campsitesSalt Creek/Horse Canyon zonePeekaboo campsites

Because Canyonlands national Park go not have actually the capacity to test food warehouse containers, we adhere to Yosemite national Park"s list of permitted food warehouse containers. The park may adjust this perform at any kind of time to ensure the security of wildlife and also visitors.

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Allowed Canisters

Purple Mountain design Tahoe(This canister is no much longer in manufacturing or easily accessible for purchase)

Allowed Backpacks

Wise Backpack by Craftsman technology Composites (hard-sided backpack)

Allowed Panniers

DeCarteret Aluminum share PanniersBerner be afflicted with Box303-343-1998

Not Permitted: Soft face UrsacksUrsacks space not enabled for usage in Canyonlands as an wildlife proof canister replacement even though some models were approved July 31, 2014, by the IGBC. There are not adequate resources to secure these containers indigenous wildlife in the backcountry.