NETIZENS have spotted a North korean concentration camp ~ above Google Maps – and are posting fake reviews of the grim facility.

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More than 400 joke reviews, which are largely positive, have actually been left on the official Google page for the Yodok Concentration Camp.


North Korea's Yodok Concentration Camp as checked out in satellite imagery on Google Maps

Satellite photos of the grim facility on the find giant's digital map company show a wire of neatly aligned structures positioned beside a river.

Yodok is about 60 miles northeast that Pyongyang and also was used to imprison perceived adversaries of the state and political dissidents.

As plenty of as 50,000 human being were organized there at any kind of one time come do required labour. The torture camp is thought to have shut under in 2014.

Despite Yodok's horrific past, some Google Maps users have taken that upon us to leave phony evaluate of the site.

Posting a video of the discovery on Reddit in February, one user wrote: "Turns the end North oriental concentration camps have actually reviews on Google."

One human being responded: "I'm surprised it has such high reviews. I've watched hotels v worse reviews."





Another wrote: "Given that it's north Korea, I deserve to only imagine any an adverse reviews have actually been deleted."

Yodok has 441 reviews on Google, with an typical rating that 3.7 out of 5 stars.

One vile testimonial states: "Food was amazing, setting was great, staff was continuously going over for our needs."

Experts estimate that thousands of thousands of world – including kids – room detained in political sinner camps in north Korea.

Prisoners are compelled to do hard labour, regularly in mines, and also receive tiny in the way of food, clothing and heating.

They are generally banished come the remote sites because that life for perceived crimes versus Kim Jong un's authoritarian regime.

A variety of international NGOs such as Amnesty worldwide dedicate your time to identifying phibìc Korea's camps using satellite imagery.

According to your research, it appears that the captives are spread throughout at the very least six substantial facilities.

In 2017, a judge of the the worldwide Court of Justice claimed that phibìc Korea's political prisons are simply as poor as – and also perhaps also worse 보다 – the Nazi concentration camps the the Holocaust.

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North Korea has actually repeatedly and also falsely claimed that the hellish torture web page don't exist.