This weekend marks the one-year anniversary the the racial justice protests and subsequent riots that rocked downtown Indianapolis.

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Two human being were killed, and more 보다 100 people were arrested the weekend of may 29, 2020.

While the police death of George Floyd in Minneapolis sparked demonstrations in Indianapolis and throughout the country, stress were currently building ~ an IMPD officer fatally shoot 21-year-old Dreasjon Reed on might 6, 2020.

Subsequent IMPD reports about the weekend revealed IMPD fired chemistry agents at protesters. That"s once things spun the end of control.

An independent review committee discovered the Indianapolis city Police Department was unprepared because that protests over police killings of black Americans and possibly added to the chaos that followed. 

"Highly upsetting":Report says IMPD to be unprepared in Floyd, Reed protests

Here"s a look earlier at coverage the the protests and also their aftermath.

May 2020 protests

IMPD "had part idea the there would certainly be demonstrations" downtown the weekend of might 29, 2020, but the department did no anticipate the size of the crowd, according to a report. 

On Friday, might 29, a little group of civilization gathered ~ above Monument Circle come protest. The variety of protesters prospered into the evening. Climate riots damaged out.

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The protests ongoing on Saturday, drawing thousands the marchers come the streets throughout the work to demand justice and change from police. Yet once again as night fell, tensions escalated between police and also protesters. Under a haze of tear gas, violence and property damage once again lower onto the city.

Two people were shot to death amid the chaos. Two much more were shot and also injured. "Indianapolis, us are much better than this," IMPD chief Randal Taylor pleaded. "Downtown is not safe at this time."

While protests ongoing for weeks after, the violence largely ended with that devastating night. 

Protesters gather:See scene from Monument Circle and outside Indiana Convention Center

Protesters speak:A woman defines why she saw the Indianapolis protest

"As lengthy as the takes, i’ll be out here":Indianapolis protester says he desires change

Report:BLM protests turned come riots ~ IMPD fired chemical agents ~ above demonstrators

Shots fired:Federal cool jury indicts man for firing gun during May 2020 protest in downtown Indy

"Extensive" damage: How countless businesses to be damaged

Those who were killed: Chris Beatty and also Dorian Murrell shot to death

3 hours, 2 killings and a robbery: Tracing violence during riots

The aftermath

In October, IMPD placed in place brand-new chemical agents policies after it agreed to work out a federal lawsuit filed through the American civil Liberties Union on instead of of Indy10 Black resides Matter and also three protesters. 

Police reform:Gov. Holcomb signs "historic" police reform, maintain bill into law

Sentencing:Woman that drove right into racial justice protest notified to salary restitution come victims

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