Crab Island in Florida is a can’t-miss destination on the Emerald Coast! renowned with celebrities prefer Keith Urban and Emeril Lagasse, this gorgeous area attractive thousands upon hundreds of vacationers each year. To help you make the most of your getaway, the Henderson Park Inn has actually put with each other a guide to 4 points everyone need to know about Crab Island in Destin FL.

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1. It’s not Really an Island

The name Crab Island is a little bit of a misnomer. Back in the day, this renowned spot yes, really was one island, however sand lugged by the Gulf progressively wore that away end the years. Today, Crab Island is an underwater sandbar. The water arrays from 2 to 10 feet deep and is waist-level in many areas. Situated at the entrance of Choctawhatchee Bay, Crab Island provides lovely views of the Destin Bridge.

2. It’s Only obtainable by Boat

Crab Island is located a an excellent distance far from the shore and is only easily accessible by boat. The strong tidal currents and heavy boat task simply make it as well dangerous because that swimming. If you comfortable navigating on your own, us recommend renting a pontoon boat from Destin Vacation boat Rentals. Varying from 20 – 24 ft., these spacious watercrafts offer many of seating and also bimini tops for shade.

Visitors that would prefer to let who else perform the driving can sign up because that a Crab Island tour through Sunventure Cruises. These 3-hour excursions space led through a shore Guard-licensed captain who will carry out entertaining narration throughout your scenic boat trip. As soon as the delivery drops anchor, guest will have plenty the time to check out the sandbar prior to heading ago to shore.

3. The Not simply a Party Scene

Crab Island in Destin FL has arisen something the a reputation for gift a party scene, and also there is some fact to this perception. Throughout the spring and also summer months, the sandbar master live entertainment and DJs ~ above a floating stage, i beg your pardon draws large crowds of folks looking to enjoy the music and sip some adult beverages. Guests will uncover floating sellers that offer fantastic drink specials.

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However, partying is much from the only thing to do on Crab Island. Visitors can have some funny on the inflatable slides and obstacle process at the Crab Island Water Park, eat lunch at the floating Water civilization restaurant, or just kick earlier and capture some rays. It is entirely up to you what type of experience you desire to have on Crab Island!

Regardless of your preferred activities, all visitors to Crab Island must keep your wits about them in situation of solid tidal currents. 

4. It’s especially Beautiful in ~ High Tide

If girlfriend can, shot to visit Crab Island during high tide. This time the day brings breathtaking turquoise water come the sandbar. To uncover out when high birds is, examine a tide chart or consult with your boat rental company or tour provider. To trust us, girlfriend don’t desire to miss this stunning water!

Where to Stay as soon as You Visit Crab Island in Destin FL

When you continue to be at the Henderson Park Inn, you will have the perfect residence base for exploring Crab Island in Destin FL and everything rather the Emerald coast has to offer. Located adjacent to Henderson beach State Park, our adults only bed and breakfast has been voted the most romantic hotel in America by the users of and Us are also proud to hold the Conde Nast Johansens Award for Excellence. To start planning her vacation, browser our an option of Destin hotel rooms.