The dark, sinister type appeared 20 yards indigenous the boat, swimming lazily, however with a feeling of life power.

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His 12 feet in length confirmed that strength as he nosed up to the boat, search the scent of the barracuda we had hanging from the stern. The stripes top top his sides, in addition to his size, evidenced his heritage: a tiger shark. This monster sharks are not unusual on Hilton Head Island’s offshore reefs, giving anglers a fight that deserve to last for hours. Of every the sharks inhabiting regional waters, this one is king—a majestic sight to behold.

Closer inshore, we have countless kinds that sharks that sell some interesting sport for young and old alike.

My an individual favorite is the blacktip, frequently taking come the air multiple times during the fight. These highly spirited fish room remarkably beautiful. Dark brown along the back, ultimately fading to a golden hue, the tips of the fins are black, for this reason the surname blacktip.

Most that the inshore blacktips are approximately three to five feet long and also weigh 5 to 20 pounds. Bigger versions can usually be found behind shrimp watercrafts a couple of miles off the beach and also average 50 come 100 pounds. Usage stout tackle for these guys. You have to appreciate the sheer power of this fish as soon as they erupt simply a couple of yards behind the boat. Lock rise choose a cruise missile, introduced from a submarine 10 feet in the air.

Probably the many common varieties in the waters of Hilton Head Island space the bonnet top (also well-known as “bonnies” or scalloped hammerheads) and also the Atlantic sharp nose. Both room lean, pure muscle and also lead you to think your fish need to be at the very least twice its yes, really size.

Photo Courtesy of Captain miles Altman

Plentiful and abundant in the summer, that not difficult to capture double-digit numbers of these sharks in August. They can be discovered in area creeks and sounds, make them easily accessible even for smaller sized boats. These sharks sell plenty of sport for the much more economical three-hour charters available by most of the neighborhood charter boat companies.

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The perform of sharks living off our shores goes on and on. These incorporate lemons, bulls, fine tooth and duskies.

There important is a “monster” come fit any kind of budget or age throughout the dog work of summer. Catch a three-foot bonnet because that the children or a 12-foot tiger because that dad. Our neighborhood waters offer good sport for a memorable Hilton Head Island charter fishing trip. Create memories the last a lifetime!

Captain mile Altman that Bayrunner Fishing Charters has an ext than 42 years of endure fishing our waters. Don’t miss the brand-new Finatic boat. That accommodates as much as 12 passengers and also features a distinct three-hour shark/dolphin eco-tour trip. Contact Miles at 843-290-6955 or visit to publication an i can not forget inshore or offshore charter fishing trip departing from shelter Cove Harbour Marina.