Everyone has heard around shark strikes on the California coast over the years, yet where do they take place the most? We determined to dive into the data ~ above California shark attacks starting in the year 2000 so we might see the locations with the highest concentrations.

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Sure there room beaches, favor Surf Beach near Vandenberg Air force Base, that are well known for shark attacks. That beach alone has four attacks including 2 fatal great white shark assaults since 2008. Other locations are not well-known for shark attacks, yet when you placed them on a map the dangerous locations are really clear. And also the worst area is… everywhere!

Shark assaults have happened in current years from imperial Beach near the Mexico Border as much as the Klamath river Beach near Oregon. Documented incidents have occurred in every single county follow me the California Pacific Coast because 2000! indigenous this data we have established that couple of open water areas are completely safe indigenous sharks. Save in mental that even if there room no current shark assaults in one area, the doesn’t average it is shark-free.

The proper means to look in ~ the genuine risk to humans in the water calls for looking in ~ the amount of shark assaults compared come the number of people who are routinely in the water there. Because that example, the previously mentioned Surf Beach might be the most dangerous beach in the state due to the fact that it is a remote beach v cold water and is only used by a little amount that surfers on any kind of given day. By contrast, the Huntington beach area has had the same number of attacks (four) yet has thousands of human being in the water on sunny days. Clearly, Huntington Beach has actually a lower risk of shark attacks than Surf Beach.

The majority of those assaulted were surfing, but many were the end enjoying some various other water-based activity. An ext than 30 to be in the s swimming, scuba diving, kayaking, and also stand-up paddleboarding. One to be windsurfing and also another was in an outrigger canoe. So uneven you room in a boat with a heavy hull, the shark assault risk is current when you space in or on the water just around anywhere in California.

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Surfer heading into the “relatively” for sure waters that Huntington Beach

The list below includes all the California beaches that have recorded shark strikes since the year 2000. That is based upon data from the Shark research study Committee who save an up-to-date list of the assaults on the Pacific coastline (Washington, Oregon, and California). The beaches below are provided in descending stimulate (those in ~ the optimal of the list have actually the highest possible quantity of attacks).