The bull shark (also well-known in Africa together the Zambezi shark) is found an international in warm, shallow waters along shores and in freshwater rivers. Due to the fact that these sharks regularly dwell in really shallow waters, scientists insist that they’re an ext dangerous to people than any other species of shark.

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Unlike other species, these men can flourish in both saltwater and freshwater, using rivers and also tributaries to make their way inland.

Bull sharks get their surname from their blunt snout, their aggressive disposition, and the method they bump right into prey before attacking. They’re large and burly, with adults averaging 8 feet in length and 210 pounds in weight. There have been numerous reports of this varieties reaching 11 feet, and also the most heavy bull shark ever recorded weighed 694 pounds.


Occasionally, these sharks space spotted far up in the Mississippi and Potomac Rivers. In fact, not lengthy ago, an 8 ft shark was pulled from much in the potomac River that shocked the internet.

The eight-foot lengthy bull shark was caught in the potomac River in St. Mary’s County, Md recently. Sharks of this dimension are not normally seen here.

This 8-footer to be pulled out of a fishing network on the potomac River (Courtesy that Murphy Brown)

The huge shark was found by a advertising fisherman who discovered the carcass in his fishing net. The fisherman, who has been fishing all his life, stated he has “never checked out anything that big before… It to be mind-blowing to be there and also see it.”

Close up check out of the numerous teeth the this bull shark (Courtesy of Murphy Brown)

These sharks even made a home in a little lake inside of a golf food in Australia; it’s believed that they ended up being trapped there complying with a 1990’s flood.

The diet of a bull shark generally includes bony fishes and tiny sharks (including other bull sharks!), maritime mammals, turtles, crustaceans, and stingrays. They’ll take whatever they can get.

These guys have actually an odd survive strategy: when they’re spooked, lock regurgitate your last meal. This way, the predators will (hopefully) seek the regurgitated food, and the bull sharks have the right to escape unharmed.


The bull shark is generally regarded as one of the most dangerous pets on Earth. Why? Well, because that one reason, it’s happy in both saltwater and freshwater, swimming thousands of miles up rivers. However, it additionally has an extreme attitude. Unlike other sharks, which need to be provoked come attack, bull sharks have a very low threshold prior to they exhibition aggression. And, in spite of often being fifty percent the size of a good white or tiger shark, they can plow v prey and opponents similar to their namesake. A bull.

In the video clip below, watch a bull shark bite off the calf the a shark expert, that believes the understands bull shark behavior. When bull sharks are not mindless eating machines, like most wild animals, their behavior is difficult to predict, also in seemingly controlled situations.

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