Taco Bell, the Mexican-inspired restaurant chain, is often mentioned alongside quick food heavyweights such as Burger King and McDonald’s, and it’s what part Americans imagine once they think of mexican food. Drive through or live in any small town or huge city in the unified States, and also you’re tied to understand where the nearest that Taco Bell’s 7,072 restaurants have the right to be found.

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But girlfriend won’t discover a Taco Bell in Mexico.

Taco Bell has tried and failed to bring the eatery to the Mexican industry twice since very first opening that is doors.


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To know why Taco Bell failed in Mexico it’s ideal to realize just exactly how loved Taco Bell is in the united States. The fast food chain an initial found that is footing in California in the beforehand 1960s, and since then it has come to be the country number one taco joint.

According to a survey conducted by The Harris Poll, Taco Bell was voted America’s favorite Mexican restaurant in 2018, beating out rivals like Chipotle and Moe’s Southwest Grill.

It’s only herbal for a fast food chain the serves billions of client to want to lug their food and success to various other countries.

Taco Bell start the mexican Market

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The human being of Mexico weren’t as keen on the Taco Bell brand as their neighbors to the north. Tacos are famously mexico food. What we speak to tacos this particular day likely acquired their surname from 18th century silver- mines in Mexico when miners provided to dig deep into ore “tacos.” Granted, cake filled v ingredients were more than likely eaten before that time, but, still, tacos are naturally an “authentic” mexican dish.

With that in mind, that seemed practically sacrilegious for a firm like Taco Bell — which was began by an American who first ran hot dog and also hamburger stands — to try and lug its Americanized taco to the country. But that’s precisely what occurred in 1992.

The first Taco Bell attempt in Mexico

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The very first Taco Bell in Mexico opened as a food dare in Mexico City in 1992, and also the chain had actually plans to open up at another location in the city and also in Tijuana shortly after. Unfortunately, customers to be quickly puzzled when the surname of food selection items no jive through authentic mexico counterparts. Taco Bell’s crunchy taco had to be renamed the “Tacostada” since it much more closely resembled the mexico tostada.

The industry was so unfriendly to the quick food brand, and the world so averse to the pseudo-Mexican food, the Taco Bell left the country only two years later.

The second Taco Bell effort in Mexico

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Taco Bell took one more stab at opening in Mexico in 2007, yet the exact same stumbling blocks stood in the way. Locals felt prefer Taco Bell taco were inauthentic, also though the company rebranded through a clear blog post that Taco Bell wasn’t trying to it is in authentic mexico food. The rapid food chain went as far regarding include fries and soft-serve ice cream ~ above the menu to sell its Americanized image.

According come the Seattle Times and also pop culture historian Carlos Monsiváis, pass Taco Bell to Mexico was a lot prefer bringing ice cream to the Arctic. It just wasn’t necessary.

By 2010, Taco Bell as soon as again closed all of its restaurants in Mexico due to low patronage.

Taco Bell may Never find a house in Mexico

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It’s basic to see why world in the nation aren’t rapid to flock come a quick-service chain that’s doesn’t wake up to neighborhood standards.

It’s most likely that the fast food restaurant will always have trouble finding a residence in Mexico, particularly when mexican customers who shot the food decry Taco Bell’s folded tostadas (crunchy tacos) as not tacos and ugly.

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While Yum! brand — the company that owns Taco Bell, Pizza Hut, and also KFC — no suffering, the does see a to decrease in sales year-over-year. Yum! go from making five billion dollars in 2012 come making only two exchange rate in 2018. Opportunities are the company is always looking for brand-new markets. Mexico, however, doesn"t seem prefer a sector that will certainly work.