The auction catalogue claims the an ext than 120 pets up because that sale ‘seem to have respect for fences and go through gateways ok’


Feral camels on sand dune near Boulia, main west Queensland, Australia. Photograph: Auscape/Universal photos Group/Getty Images
Feral camels ~ above sand dune near Boulia, main west Queensland, Australia. Photograph: Auscape/Universal photos Group/Getty Images

More 보다 120 camels that have actually been roaming outback Queensland and that, unusually for camels, “seem to have respect because that fences” have actually been auctioned off virtual for about $250 a head.

The animals were rounded increase in the spinifex desert country in between the west Queensland town of Boulia, around 382km phibìc of Birdsville, and also the north Territory border.

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They to be bred top top Alderley Station, whereby the Blackett family members has been utilizing the sometimes handful for camel gyeongju or marketing through the Boulia camel races.

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It’s the first time the household has provided an online auction to clear your herd, and attracted bids indigenous as far away together Victoria.

Happily because that the camels, who would have confronted a 26-hour journey in an open-top truck had actually the Victorians to be successful, they were snapped increase by two regional buyers.

The camels were sold in 7 lots, with prices ranging from $300 a head because that three groups of mothers with calves at foot, come $200 a head for cows there is no calves.

A many 32 bull camels offered for $240 a head.

Owner Scott Blackett said the alphabet the cow and also calf groups were sold to a the person who lives in Winton, west Queensland come be used for weed control.

They room reckoned to be particularly effective against prickly acacia, a thorny shrub imported to Australia from India that is ranked as one of the 20 worst weeds in Australia.

The remainder were sold to a regional “camel wheeler and dealer” v racing camels of his own, Blackett said.

The camels were mustered utilizing helicopters and walked 60km come holding yards. According to the catalogue for the online auction, which was organized on breed boy auction platform Auction Plus, the camels appeared to be of “generally good” temperament and also “seem to have respect for fences and also go through gateways ok”.

Blackett called the abc it was “the greatest muster we’ve done”.

“We only ever used to go out and get a little handful because that the neighborhood races in the camel tagging or if someone wanted a grasp to train up for racing,” the said.

Camels were introduced to Australia in the 1840s together pack animals for british explorers. As of 2015 there were an approximated 1m feral camels in Australia, v the populace at threat of doubling every nine years without culling.

They are effective versus thorny weeds because they eat every little thing – according to the northern Territory government, camels feed on an ext than 80% that the easily accessible plants in central Australia, causing far-ranging damage come desert ecosystems and also damaging vulnerable sand dunes. They have likewise been well-known to cause significant damage to manmade infrastructure trying to find water, by pulling up pipes and destroying restroom blocks.

Last year southern Australian officials authorized the culling of up to 10,000 camels top top Anangu Pitjantjatjara Yankunytjatjara (APY) lands since the drought had caused camels come converge ~ above settlements looking for water.

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The APY board member Marita Barker said the BBC at the time that the camels left the indigenous community “stuck in stinking hot and uncomfortable conditions, emotion unwell, because all the camels room coming in and knocking under fences, gaining in roughly the houses and also trying to acquire water v air-conditioners”.