The Ghostbusters franchise has had actually a hard time of it due to the fact that the relax of that is groundbreaking very first entry, v none that the succeeding instalments being able to capture the magic of the team’s debut.

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Ghostbusters: immortality looked poised to break the unfortunate trend, as a family members project between original director Ivan Reitman and his Oscar-nominated son, Jason, however many feel the it fumbled the opportunity.

Reviews from critics have been decidedly mixed, v some praising the film for its performances and also style, yet others condemning its heavy reliance on fan service.

Ultimately, the film has actually been slapped with both a Rotten Tomatoes and Metacritic score lower than the of 2016’s divisive reboot special Bridesmaids stars Kristen Wiig and Melissa McCarthy, which may come together a surprise to that film’s vocal detractors.

The film begins its worldwide rollout this month, for this reason we’ll understand soon sufficient if a sequel will be viable. Read on for all the details we have actually so far.

Will there be a Ghostbusters: immortality sequel?


When it involves the future of Ghostbusters, what yes, really matters is box office; if the film transforms a decent profit, yes sir no means that Sony images won’t continue to press the franchise forward.

At the moment of writing, market pundits space projecting an opening weekend in the United states of about $30 million, i beg your pardon is under from the 2016 reboot (which controlled $46 million), however not an awful result by pandemic standards.

In the favour, afterlife has a production spending plan that come in in ~ roughly fifty percent that that Paul Feig’s incarnation, an interpretation it should have less ground come cover prior to reaching that breakeven point.

Remember, a frequently used dominion of thumb is the a film needs to make about two-and-a-half times its budget ago in stimulate to revolve a profit, factoring in declaring costs and also the reduced taken off by cinemas.

That would have Ghostbusters: immortality targeting a an international gross the $200 million or above. Let’s view what happens end the next few weeks.

If the film does find an audience, it’s highly likely we’ll see much more Ghostbusters movies coming down the pipeline, v Sony images owning a division named Ghost Corps that’s committed to exclusively working ~ above the franchise.

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For several years currently the intention has been to develop a Ghostbusters cinematic universe, through director Jason Reitman saying at brand-new York Comic-Con that he desires to view a wide range of distinctive entries.

“We wanted to do a movie that opened up the universe to every kinds that stories,” Reitman said. “I desire to watch Ghostbusters movie from every one of my favourite directors, and also we hope that this movie to adjust the table because that that.”